Review: 3CE | Back to Baby BB Cream

Korean urban brand Style Nanda is having a major style moment in the past few years. Since opening their shops in 2004 their cool girl style has not only been trending in Asia but has also gained popularity overseas where they frequently shoot their ad campaigns. As part of the total package, Style Nanda offers a range of beauty products sub-branded as 3CE which caters to an aesthetic that’s flawless, simple but with a pop of colour.

Brand: Style Nanda / 3CE (3 Concept Eyes)
Product: Back to Baby BB Cream* SPF35 / PA++ (one shade)
Size: 30ml
Price: $35 via YesStyle
Availabilty: YesStyle online
Would I (re)purchase: Undecided

In the category of base products, 3CE’s Back to Baby Skin BB Cream caught my eye and rightly so, with its claims of a second skin feel and a glowing luminous finish. Small and compact in size, this comes in a simple squeeze tube packaging and (as most bb’s seem to be) is only available in one shade. Unboxing it for the first time, you’ll notice a sticker seal on the lid as well as on the squeeze nozzle tip, an expiration date is stamped on the crinkled end of the tube.

Ingredients wise, this bb cream contains a mix of both physical and chemical sun protection from zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and octinoxate for a combined factor of SPF35 on the rating scale. While this doesn’t claim any particular skin benefiting properties, it’s worth noting that it does contain niacinamide, adenosine and sodium hyaluronate, all of which are commonly found in skincare products to promote hydration and soothe skin irritation.

Having owned a good number of bb creams in my collection, the term “baby skin” usually meant a sheer, light coverage product but surprisingly this is quite the opposite. A thicker, creamier consistency with a soft “skincare” scent, this 3CE Back to Baby BB Cream gives medium coverage with a slightly velvet touch yet imparted a pearl sheen on my skin.

My skincolour : MAC NC15-20
(see more matches in My Stats)

While this is only available in one shade, it seemed to be a relatively likeable match to my skin. A tinge grey perhaps but nothing that a little powder can’t fix and for the most part, it doesn’t bother me. However I did notice some ashy tones when applied over the darker areas of my face such as my forehead so this wouldn’t be idea for medium to darker skin tones. In certain lighting, I might even say that it looks a bit too pale for myself and does seem to have a slight white cast.
Best method for application came down to the just using my fingers though their website recommends a puff or sponge. This bb cream does have enough slip to be used with a brush but I feel the thicker consistency and quick setting time will make it hard to work with that way. When applied correctly, it indeed feels light and thin my skin.

I’m also rather impressed by how easily this cancels out redness and with just a small amount can cover my entire face. Any problem areas (like that perpetual red spot on my nose) can be layered over with more product until it almost disappears and that’s more than I can say for most bb creams which often build up very thick and heavy on the skin. While this does a fabulous job of evening out the complexion, it’s formulation isn’t the most friendly towards large pores or skin texture irregularities. If you do suffer from pore issues, either try it with a smoothing primer or skip on it altogether.

I am also thoroughly pleased with how long this bb cream lasted on my combination skin. In mild to warm weather this was a solid 5hrs before I felt the need to whip out my compact for a blot. The combination of moisturizing ingredients did their job of preventing my skin from drying out yet did not cause any excessive greasiness either. For those living in a hotter climate, I’d say this is better suited for dry weather rather than humid ones.
And while this didn’t cause any breakouts, the thicker consistency does have tendency to clog pores so a thorough cleansing with a cleansing oil or heavy duty makeup remover is highly recommended. Take the time to do a double cleanse and you should be in the safe zone.

When it comes down to combination of texture, coverage, long lasting ability and overall effect I’d say this Style Nanda 3CE Back to Baby BB Cream is a very likeable product. Personally there were a are issues with colour as well as pore coverage that prevented this from being a total hit with me. Having little to no skincare benefits, I’d categorize this as a luminous, medium coverage foundation rather than a bb cream. A good product none the less and one that I can see myself reaching for until it’s gone but not quite a perfect pick for me.

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