The French Manicure Dilemma

I have a soft spot for the French Manicure, it’s simple, clean, chic and look casually pulled together whether you’re wearing your party dress or your distressed Sunday denim. Yet for as long as I’ve been in love with this look, I’ve also been struggling for years to master the perfect execution method.

While there’s many variations on this manicure style, the key defining element is that clean white tip. The products claiming to help you achieve this is are abundant, from nail tip stickers to slanted angle brushes, white tip pens and even pre-cut appliques. I’ve tried most to no avail and in the end, usually resort back to a free styling method that really only has a 50% success rate altogether. Having smaller hands and shorter nails also meant getting to the sides can get rather tricky and more often than not, I’m left with a mess of white to clean up on my skin.

Nail Combo | Nails Inc. “Elizabeth Street” | Ceramic Glaze* “Pure”

Another perplexing issue is the right order to apply your whites and your nudes. While it’s intuitive to lay down your sheer base first before capping off with the white tip, I’ve also seen a number of professional tutorials doing just the reverse.

So beauty lovers, how do you get that perfect french manicure? 
What are your weapons of choice and for goodness sake which order should everything go?

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