Iconic Eyelash Curlers | Shiseido vs. Shu Uemura

This is a post for us straight lashed girls. You know who you are, devoted to waterproof mascara in an attempt to keep your lashes perkier just a bit longer and hiding your lash curler in your purse so you can re-curl during the day. In the finicky world of eyelash curlers, it’s no secret that Shu Uemura and Shiseido come up as the top contenders for most beloved lash gadget.
L | SHISEIDO Lash Curler ($16CAD)
R | SHU UEMURA Lash Curler* ($24CAD)
I’ve never been convinced about eyelash curlers until I met Shiseido, frustrated at not getting the perfect curve I finally walked into The Bay one day and slapped down on the table what I thought at the time was a ridiculous amount of money for a small beauty tool. Now an indispensable part of my full beauty routine, I’ve recently also added the iconic Shu Uemura lash curler to my collection and with this, it’s only proper that we talk about it.

On the level of mechanics, both gadgets are traditional spring-less hinged designs made of metal parts with a black plastic rubber pad (Shiseido sells refills, uncertain about Shu). While both fit comfortably in my hand and are of sturdy quality, Shu edges out as being just a bit heavier though the difference is rather negligible.

The key to finding that perfect fit comes right down to the curvature of the clamp and its width which should both be close to your own natural eye shape. While the difference might seem minimal to the naked eye, once traced on paper it seems that the Shu Uemura version is a tad wider and its curve just a few millimeters deeper. This means if you have deep set eyes, double eyelids or even slightly larger eyes, Shu would likely be your better pick.

On the other hand, if you have a flatter eye space, single eyelids or smaller eyes then Shiseido’s design with its less sever curvature will be much more promising and a few dollars cheaper as well.

When it comes down to the final choice, I find that eye lash curlers are much like shopping for undergarments. It’s all about the fit.

While I have absolutely no regrets about purchasing the Shiseido lash curler many years ago (in fact, it is to date the best money I’ve ever spent on a beauty item) I will say that the Shu Uemura design makes just that miniscule difference for me to like it better. Though I never regarded myself as having wider eyes per say, once I put on the Shu, it was evident that I could reach my lashes from edge to edge in one squeeze while getting straight to the base. There was less readjusting, re-curling and altogether just a smoother experience.

So for all you lash curling connoisseurs out there, do you have a favourite?

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