Review: HD Second Skin Blush | MakeupForever

Tis the season for pretty little new things but beyond the looks, you can count on Makeup Forever to bring out something fresh and innovative. Following on the success of it’s previous HD Cream blush, this spring the pros whipped up

Brand: Makeup Forever
Product: HD Second Skin Cream Blush* #510 “Raspberry”
Size: 2.8 grams
Variation: 16 shades
Price: $31 CAD
Availability: Makeup Forever boutiques, Sephora
Would I (re)purchase: Yes

If your memory of a cream blusher is the thick, gooey, melt of your face type of product in a pot, think again. With it’s blend of silica powders, lightweight waxes and oils this blush is smooth but also surprisingly dry to the touch. Housed in the familiar sleek black Makeup Forever packing, this line features 16 shades ranging from cute pinks to lush plums and is meant to melt onto the skin for a HD worthy natural look.

Forgoing my usual choice of a baby pink cheek, I opted for a deep raspberry (#510), a lush shade that I can wear from summer all the way through winter. With slightly more red than pink blushers, raspberry (either in a blush or lipstick for that matter) replicates the natural flush from the blood rushing to your skin.

Beauty tip: If you are prone to redness or are dealing with an angry spot, make sure to conceal that with a foundation or cover up as raspberry shades tends to pull attention to other red tones on the skin.

True to it’s artistry roots, this cream blush is packed with pigment and after several attempts I’ve decided the best way to apply this is with a duo fiber brush (I’m using my MAC #130). Anything denser or more compact will pick up too much product because you just need a tiny smidgen to get a lovely colour and the looser bristles allow for better blendability. The finish with my shade is an easy to wear satin-matte which means I could add highlight or contour without disruptions.

The great thing about this cream blush is that it has absolutely no texture on the skin thus achieving that true HD undetectable look. With a deeper shade like Raspberry in particular, the formula even seems to have a slightly staining effect, lasting on my cheeks an impressive 7+ hours until I removed it with an oil cleanser at night.
Sneaky Tip: The case for this cream blush is magnetic, give the blush a firm tap in your palm and the blush pan will come right out for easy traveling. Take it away in your travel palette for the weekend and pop it right back in when you’re home again.

How could you expect any less of a colour product from Makeup Forever. This HD Second Skin blush lives up to it’s name as a weightless, textureless, fully saturated blush product that works just as well in front of the camera as it does in real life. Great for those who dislike the wet formulations of more traditional cream products, this will be especially impressive for those with oilier skin. Beautiful saturation and pigments, just take it easy and use a brush if you decide to venture into the darker spectrum of colours.


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