Review: Argan Styling Balm | Nature’s Republic

There’s something about smart design in a beauty product that really catches my eye. Having a great product is one thing but if it’s difficult to use then I’m not going to reach for it as often as the easy one. I think most people would agree that when it comes to their daily routine, sometimes it’s a beauty of convenience.

Brand: Nature’s Republic
Product: Argan Essential Styling Hair Balm*
Size: 14 grams
Price: $10.05 USD
Details: Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Evening Primrose Oil
Availability: W2Beauty online
Would I (re)purchase: No

Korean brand Nature’s Republic is known for its natural based beauty products and their Argan Essential line focuses on repairing hair damage with the use of the ever popular argania spinosa tree kernel. With everything from shampoo to hair essence, the Styling Hair Balm caught my attention with it’s easy to use portable design. A twist up balm with treatment and shine in a convenient stick you say? Yes please!

Fitting easily into the palm of my hand, this hair balm contains a combination of argan, rosehip and evening primrose oil extracts. It has an ever so slight fresh scent that is undetectable once applied. Infused into a smooth wax/balm base, the oils aren’t at all heavy but instead spreads easily when warmed up between my fingers before using this in my hair.

For everyday use, it adds just a bit of piecy definition if you have a layered hairstyle and also a touch of shine but since this balm doesn’t have any hold to it, its best used in conjunction with other products. I feel that the repairing aspect of this product is more for preventative measures and as an extension of your pre-existing argan haircare routine rather than a stand alone treatment product. As with most of the line from Nature’s Republic, this does not contain any parabens, artificial colours and talc.


This Argan Essential Styling Hair Balm is a convenient concept that could be much better with some slight changes in formulation, mainly the fact that it lacks a style keeping holding agent. A lightweight hair product infused with nourishing argan, primrose and rosehip extracts which is great to keep in your purse for a mid day hair touch up especially if you have fine hair but dry ends. Personally, I didn’t find it to be hard working enough for a repurchase after I finish it up.


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