Beauty Guide | Spring Worthy Polishes

So I might have misdeclared spring a little prematurely because the sky has been raining whales for a good portion of last week. With a tiny break in the clouds today, I snuck out to photograph some of my favourite colours for spring polishes. Of all the elements that you can change in your everyday beauty routine, I find nail polish to be the easiest way to boost you into the warm weather mood.
Preppy pastels in cotton candy hues might be the standard calling for spring season but I rather like the idea of soft nude nails and somewhat more saturated colour options. As I still wear many of the darker neutrals from the linger winter months, these colours work great as transitional shades.

OPI | “Tutti Fruitti Tonga” | Light pearl peachy pink
ELF | “Innocent” | Dusty pink beige
AVON | Gel Finish Polish “Lavender Sky” | Muted Lavender

In the blue green spectrum, shades of mint green or light blue would be the obvious choice but again I’ve gone for options which have bit more weight to them and which balances both the occasional sweater I’m still wearing or the first spring dresses as well. This muted pistachio creme in particular is a one of a kind colour in my nail stash and I find it to be such an interesting option that lends itself to both summer and winter palettes.

ESSIE | “Da Bush” | Muted pistachio creme
ESSENCE | “You Belong to Me” | Creme turquoise / dupe of China Glaze “For Audrey”

For anyone looking to add that extra sparkle either for an accent nail or on every finger (hey, I’m not judging), a fun topcoat will perk up any of these base colours. Fine shimmers give a more sophisticated finish to pale pinks and nudes while larger sparkles add mo

SALLY HANSEN | Xtreme Wear Polish “Disco Ball” | Translucent multi-coloured micro shimmer
SALLY HANSEN | Xtreme Wear Polish “Strobe light” | Rose micro glitter with silver sparkle
CHINA GLAZE | “Techno” | Hexagonal and fine silver holographic sparkles and glitter
MILANI | Jewel FX in “Gold” | Chunky hexagonal gold sparkle

Now that I’ve shared with you my spring polish favourites, the only thing left to decide is which one to wear on my hands and which one on my toes. I tend to prefer cream finishes on my hands for the most part but I suppose some twinkle toes wouldn’t hurt either.


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