Life lessons from a Beauty Blog

It dawned on me as I sat sorting out the labyrinth of folders and files that make up my beauty photographs, how much my life has changed since embarking on this blogging journey. On the surface, the day to day tasks of shopping around for new products, editing photos and trying out that latest lipcolour seem trivial and even frivolous. Yet looking at my surroundings today, my life is evidently reflective of the experiences I’ve gathered through out the days, months and years of running a blog.

It seems rather counter intuitive at first but sharing with others has, in its own secretly rewarding way, led me to discover more about myself. This is especially true when it comes to finding my personal style in both beauty and fashion. In this every changing kaleidoscope of visual imagery, it’s hard to define where to fit in and in fact, it may often be easier just to follow the crowd. But taking on the task of blogging has, by the nature of necessity, pushed me to try out new styles and aesthetics that in an alternative universe I might never approach. Whether I’m writing for a new challenge on FASHION Magazine’s Beauty Panel or just pulling ideas for a new video, it’s trained my mind to always search for something new to share.

It’s also very realistic to say that my current blogging life is fully entangled with my personal life and for once, I am embracing this growth instead of being apprehensive. In the pursuit of being a better blogger, I’ve set my goals on always improving my skills be it with photography, organization or even just speaking on camera and these seemingly disconnected categories have come together in the past year to lead me to some amazing life opportunities. When you focus on bettering yourself, the world notices that energy and (as cliche as it sounds) the right people will be attracted to your life to help you achieve your goals. But the key game changer is to be open and receptive to these (sometimes small) opportunities for you never knew where they might lead you.

Be not afraid of the world for in it’s depths you shall find great treasure.


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