Review: Tiare Moisture & Relax Cream | The Saem

The slightly warmer climate and longer days of sun finally means that the winter weather is loosening it’s grip on my skin and it’s time to have a bit more fun with my body products. Out of all the years I have been dabbling in Korean skincare this is surprisingly my first ever body care product.
Brand: The Saem
Product: Tiare Moisture and Relax Cream*
Size: 300ml
Variation: Soothing version, Relax version, Aloe version.
Price: $13.50USD
Availability: W2Beauty (online)
Would I (re)purchase: Possibly

The Saem is a Korean brand which is still rather new to me although they have been quite a hit in recent years. This Moisture and Relax Cream comes in a hefty screw top container and is delicately scented with the perfume of Gardenias (the more popular known name for Tiare Flower).

Now when it comes to fragranced body products, I think everyone has their own taste and tolerance but in this case I feel the mild floral scent indeed helps with the overall relaxing feeling when using this cream. It’s just enough to add to the experience but neither lingers long on the skin nor interferes with my perfume.

The texture of this is a pudding like gel cream which has a refreshing and slightly cooling sensation on the skin. Using it mainly on my arms and legs, I liked how easily this spread and the near immediate absorption. No sticky residue or greasiness. If you liked the feel of the Garnier Intensive 7 Day Soothing Gel Cream, this is very similar but with a much more forgiving scent and doesn’t pill up with all the silicones.
On the moisturization scale though this is on the lighter end of the spectrum, it will soothe any surface dryness with regular use but won’t offer any intensive skin repairing properties and is certainly not a winter sufficient cream. On the other hand if you live in a warmer, more tropical or humid place, this could be just the lightweight everyday moisturizer you are looking for so it certainly depends on your individual skin needs.


The Saem Tiare Moisture and Relax Cream is something I can see myself keeping around during the warmer months where the thick cream textures that I loved during the winter can all of a sudden feel heavy and burdensome on my skin which sometimes makes me skip moisturizing altogether. The soft gardenia scent is definitely a hit with me as I love white florals and this leave my skin soft and comfortable. While this wouldn’t be replacing any of my body moisturizers permanently, it would also be a nice one to pack into your beach bag or on a warm weathered vacation for a little pick me up any time of the day.


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