Review: GEO | Holi Cat Contacts "Cutie Cat"

It’s no secret I like to go all out when dressing up for my makeup looks and sometimes you just need that extra bit of sparkle. From subtle to dramatic, there’s so much you can do by just wearing a pair of contacts and today I’m going trying out these bright brown lenses inspired by your favourite felines….cats!

Brand: GEO
Style: Holi Cat Lenses* in “Cutie Cat”
Size: 14.5mm
Water content: 42%
Variation: Monthly
Colours: 5 variations
Price: $28.95USD (Current on sale $22.97)
(Free international shipping for lenses)
The Holi Cat series is created by well known brand GEO and includes 5 variations of colours each with it’s own kitty inspiration. The bright-eyed illustrations on the front package reflect the playful look these lenses are supposed to create. All the variations in this series are monthly disposables meaning that when taken care of properly they can be worn for up to one month.

As you can see from my before and after photos (below) these lenses add quite a bit of drama to my eyes and some obviously size enhancements. The Cutie Cat variation is a medium brown with a clear outer black ring to bring contrast with a distinct but rather naturalistic colour pattern. My natural eye colour is a rather solid brown and these contacts not only blend in excellently with my own colour but adds that extra intensity and definition.
The majority of lenses I’ve worn in the past have usually been 14mm (the average diameter of the human eye) and were meant mostly to change colour or add pattern to the iris. These lenses at 14.5mm are noticeably larger and for my personal taste, a bit too large for my eye shape. However this greatly depends on the size of your own eyes and I’ve seen girls wear 15mm lenses with little problem so it’s rather a matter of trial and error until you find a size that’s look right to you.
The feel of these lenses were soft and had a good comfort level for 3-4 hours before I really started to feel them in my eyes. Even though it may not seem like much, the extra jump from 14mm to 14.5mm was probably something that I wasn’t used to and I definitely started to feel tired after the 5hr mark. Also while these seem to be the same thickness as most monthly/yearly lenses, they are certainly thicker compared to daily disposables (like the Fairy One Day Lens).
Despite being a little too large to wear out day to day, these make beautiful extras for photographs especially if you like wearing false lashes which can sometimes look heavy on the eyes alone. Here I wore lighter brows, a liquid liner cat eye flick, spring worthy purple eyeshadow and false lashes. I especially like how they turned out in black and white photography, the darker labial ring and pattern really enhances my eyes.
A naturalistic design pattern, these lenses gives eyes a mischievous and bright look that can be dressed up or dressed down and is overall quite versatile. Novices starting out with lenses might find these slightly large but I think they are still wearable, especially for creative photos where you want that extra intensity. Contact lens pros will find this pair to be a great everyday staple that fits in easily with their daily repertoire.

TIPS: I did notice on occasion that these lenses slipped around slightly when I moved my eyes or blinked. This tends to happen with me when wearing larger lenses but causes no discomfort or distortion of vision.

NOTE: Contact lenses and circle lenses are something you should likely consult with your optometrist if you have never worn them before. Because they are going into your eye, the utmost hygiene must be kept to prevent damage or injury to your eye. While some people wear contacts regularly for vision correction, I would not recommend wearing lenses regularly if not needed, your eyes do need a breather!

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