Review: Real Techniques | Core Face Brushes

Many beauty products come endorsed by the faces of popular models, celebrities or singers. But these brushes have been selling like hotcakes since their first launch thanks to Youtube beauty sensations behind the brand Samantha and Nicola Chapman and there was no corner you could turn without hearing about these.

Yes beauty lovers, I’ve finally tried the infamous Real Techniques brushes and I got a thing or two to say about them.


Brand: Real Techniques
Product: Core Face Brush Set
Size: 4 brushes
Price: $19.99 CAD
Availability: London Drugs, iHerb (online), ULTA
Would I repurchase: Probably yes

I must say it took me a great long debate before deciding to dig into the Real Techniques series because as things often go, the greater the hype the bigger the fall if it doesn’t live up to its magic. After much savaging, I was able to order these from iHerb before they had hit the Canadian shelves (which is where you can find them now, right in your durgstore). The 4-piece “Core Face” set appealed to me as it seemed to offer a great value and in the case of my own brush collection, you can never have too many face brushes to go around.

This particular set is designed to provide you with essential mutli-tasking brushes which can be used for a variety of face product applications from powders to foundations, blush to concealer. All made of synthetic fiber hairs, four full sized brushes set in aluminum ferrules and capped with rubberized handles come packaged in a foldable storage case for easy traveling.

While the case is a smart design, with details such as elastics for holding brushes in places and a string toggle to make it stand like a little folding display the quality of the case is not up to par with my expectations. See it as an extra bonus thrown in with your purchase but the combination of shiny nylon material and crookedly sewn labels doesn’t appeal to me.

Back to the brushes themselves, the four that come with this set are labeled as the Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Buffing Brush and Contour Brush. While fully synthetic, the brushes were reasonably soft and the bristles well set into the handle. I did find a few stray hairs that weren’t aligned properly and stuck out awkwardly longer than the rest so I pulled out my scissors for a personal trim. Beyond that, all the brushes made it though multiple washes and countless usages without shedding as single hair which I was very impressed by. While not the softest bristles I’ve put to my face, these are a great value at their price point and I didn’t find performance to be lacking at all.
Small user friendly details on the design of these brushes made does them apart from the rest of my collection, for example the rubberized cap on the bottom of the handle prevents them from rolling around on the counter and the flat bottomed edge means you can stand a wet foundation brush upright mid use without smearing makeup everywhere.

Each brush is designed with multi-purpose functions in mind and for that they perform superbly. While it may seem a little awkward at first because of their non traditional design and size, I soon found myself getting much more use out of each brush than I would any other ones in my brush collection. The foundation brush sometime became my cream eyeshadow brush and the detailing brush soon became my lipstick brush. I do find that as these are synthetic haired, they execute a better finish with liquid/cream products versus a powder formulation.

While I don’t find equal use for all four brushes included in this core collection due my large pre-existing collection I do think the quality and performance of this set is well worth your money. For anyone who is wants to start out with a basic collection to take care of your everyday needs I can see this as being very appropriate and for those brush addicts who are looking for something a little divergent from the usual, the unique details in this collection will make this a good purchase as well.

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