Skincare Routine | SS 2013 | Video

The cool breeze of the morning air brings the reminder that the fall season is knocking at at my window. With the last few days of summer sunshine still lingering, it’s time to chat again about my skincare routine. For my readers who have been following my beauty journey, I like to talk about products at the end of each season so I can have a thorough experience to share. However depending on your skin type and geographical location, many of these items may roll well into other seasons so it’s always worth a look.


My skintype : Combination skin, with localized large pores, easily dehydrated with dry patches during the winter months, prone to uneven skintone, previously battled with persistent mild acne.



  • Citrus Clear | Gentle Cleanser* “Tahitian Lime” | get it
  • Laneige | White Plus Renew Refiner | get it
  • Laneige | White Plus Renew Emulsion | get it


A note about shopping: I have provided links to finding these products online, if there isn’t an international brand website then I have mostly listed ebay for easy reference. However the majority of the Asian products can also be found through other online shops such as Adam Beauty, W2Beauty, Korea Depart, Amore Pacific Canada.
In retrospect, I’m really happy to say that my skin hasn’t experienced any major troubles this summer.  My rediscovery of Laneige products have also been such an exciting surprise and how well they have worked on my skin this time around, so much so that I already have my eyes on a few extra things to add during the winter. Although I tend to switch products often, I’ve found the key to keeping my skin in check is choosing balancing products that doesn’t neglect on hydration. Remember that you’re skin has the ability perform it’s best when you give it the right conditions to do so.
Do you have a holy grail winter product to recommend?
I’m taking notes!

    4 thoughts on “Skincare Routine | SS 2013 | Video

    1. jenn f says:

      yes yes! sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing mask. yes it smells that chinese herbal medicine but this stuff moisturizes like magic. slap it on at night and the next morning you've got plumb moisturized skin. though i'm an oily -combo skin girl, this stuff honesty works wonderfuls when a few dry patches shows up on my skin. give it try!


    2. Anonymous says:

      haha im not anonymous but im on my boyfriends computer not my computer to leave my ordinary feed back.but is that “Shiseido | Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam ” is it useable as a makeup remover and usable on eyes?


    3. PBunnieP says:

      There's a few products in the “Perfect” family range, I believe the Perfect Milk and Perfect Gel are marketed more specifically as makeup removers. I'm not certain about the Perfect Whip though.


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