Do you:: Shop ahead for the next beauty season?

We’ve all been taught that planning ahead is a good thing right?

I can often been found spending my spare time browsing my favourite online beauty shops for new products and great sales, in fact I probably do 50% of my beauty shopping online because of the easy shipping and sometimes awesome exchange rates. As a notorious list maker and a bit of an obsessive organizer, I’m often on the lookout for products that I can save up for the next season. Shopping winter products in the summer and vice versa not only provides some great discounts (just like with clothes, beauty products seem to have seasonal prices as well) but allows me to build up my stash slowly with things that I’m likely going to need instead of making one massive splurge when the season hits.

Lierac Oil set
LIERAC | Huile Sensorielle (White Floral) Oil & Water Set

I recently saw this Lierac Huile Sensorielle Duo Set on sale for $20 ($17 or so with my loyalty discount at StrawberryNet) and snagged it up right away. I became a total oil convert after falling in love with the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse years ago but have been on the hunt for something similar to branch out. This set contains a multipurpose oil and water spray scented with white flowers, a beautiful little winter decadence that look forward to using come the cooler weather.

But shopping early does have it’s potential drawbacks, for one you loose the excitement of shopping during the regular season where you’ll likely have a more abundant selection and also newer products which hits the shelves every year. In addition, if you’re the type to store unused items in a box or drawer you may completely forget in a few months time that you had purchased something in the first place.

So which type of beauty shopper are you?
Do you like to shop ahead of the season or do you enjoy the rush of shopping within the season?

11 thoughts on “Do you:: Shop ahead for the next beauty season?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello:I recently came across your blog and found it informative and useful. Thank You. I am not a particular beauty shopper, I usually shop what is needed at the time.


  2. Boho Vanity says:

    I think I am a little mix of both, I usually don't get the newest products until a few weeks after everyone else (downfall of living up North), but when I can I like to try things out as soon as possible so I can enjoy them longer!Jordan | Boho Vanity


  3. kirei says:

    My husband says I'm like a squirrel, I buy things when I see something interesting or when there is a sale, and store them in my closet for weeks or months, I like to buy ahead, and usually when the season starts I have a full set of skincare and haircare products I'm going to need. I love planning what I'm going to buy as well, I can spend hours reading reviews, planning, thinking over, changing plans…and then I usually buy something unexpected anyway 😛


  4. Jeni B says:

    I go with the flow. I buy what I need for the season, or the week or whatever I feel like at the time! Also if a read about a product and decided I wanna try it, I'l rush out and buy it!


  5. Icaria says:

    Liérac is my favorite in winter I hope you like it as well. Quite different than Nuxe as far as the fragrance goes it's a little heavier. The Eau Sensorielle doesn't have staying power like an eau de toilette but layered over the oil it's quite nice. I don't shop online at all. I have to see and smell before buying and don't really stock up on anything. 🙂


  6. Beauty Box says:

    I certainly enjoy the rush of buying something and then using it immediately. I tend to forget about stocked up products if I have too many so I try not to buy too much ahead of time. Though re-discovering your loot is also bonus when one is on a buy ban and shopping the beauty closet for inspiration.


  7. PBunnieP says:

    I am a bit of a sucker for “new things” as well, I can't hide that for sure. You'll often find me aimlessly browsing the beauty aisle for new releases, especially since many things are released earlier in other countries and I have likely already been hearing and longing for them for months on end, lol.


  8. PBunnieP says:

    Haha, on my we can be squirrel buddies together. I do exactly the same thing of course I'd like to think of as being “prepared” and “well stocked”..ahem…I'm usually quite a careful shopper though, planning and reading extensive reviews before jumping on an item and I would stalk it for weeks even months before buying it. Although on the rare occasion I just see something that I like immediately, put my money down and feel like a bad ass rebel walking out of the store with it.


  9. PBunnieP says:

    Great to hear from someone who's used the brand before! I very vaguely remember seeing Lierac mentioned somewhere online but it's certainly not something I see very often over here or even on the web. I haven't opened either of them but I am so curious about the scent! I find the oil from Nuxe to be a bit gourmand in a way and I have to say the thought of white flowers in this is so exciting as I'm a big white floral fan.


  10. shirley* says:

    I ordered this oil after seeing your facebook post & a quick research/lookup…I've never heard of this brand but I'm glad that I made this order as this oil feels sooooooo light yet made my skin feels so soft!! I went ahead and try it after I got it last week, you can totally use this oil in the summer I'd say, and according to my experience this week it actually feels better than using a normal body lotion (I feel the lotion was kinda too sticky as compared to this oil in the hot weather…although it's not that hot in Vancouver I know) I'm totally encouraging you to pop it open if you got yours already! :))


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