Korean Beauty:: W2Beauty / July Preview + Video

Korean Beauty Products -W2Beauty July
It has become my new beauty addiction, I find myself constantly browsing websites I can not read, watching the beauty shows in sub titles and scouring the interweb for news on new products from… the Korean beauty world. It’s fascinating really, the sheer amount of products that gets released along with the large variety of options for different tastes and budgets makes this a beauty lover’s playground. Recently, I got in contact with Alice from W2Beauty who kindly sent over a few things for me to sample from her webshop. So before I delved into full on review mode, I thought we ought to all get acquainted and introduce ourselves.


  • LANEIGE | Water Sleeping Pack EX* | see it
  • THE SAEM | Tiare Moisture & Relax Cream* | see it
  • HOLIKA HOLIKA | Magic Pole Mascara* | see it
  • A’PIEU | Aurora Luminous CC Cream* | see it
  • NATURE’S REPUBLIC | Argan Essential Styling Hair Balm* | see it
  • ETUDE HOUSE | Colour Pop Lip Tint* #05 | see it
Drop by and say hello
Hard to find brands available from the site: Ameli, A’pieu, Mizon, Primera, Iope, Lirikos, various accessories and niche items from big Korean brands.
Korean Beauty Products -W2Beauty July

Which products are you most excited to hear about?
The grass is always greener on the other side, do you lust after hard to find 
beauty products from around the world?

Korean Beauty Products -W2Beauty July

13 thoughts on “Korean Beauty:: W2Beauty / July Preview + Video

  1. kirei says:

    I'd love to try something from Laneige! At the moment I'm in the middle of testing a lot of Japanese products right now, but I'm curious to try a lot of Korean brands as well, so this will probably come next 😉


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  3. Jeni B says:

    I've heard so many wonderful thing about korean beauty products, I've recently ordered a gift sample box of the SKIN79 BB creams from a korean seller on ebay, I'm so super excited about trying them! :)Jeni~www.elfsbeauty.blogspot.com


  4. PBunnieP says:

    Everyone has been telling me the same!I'm getting back into Laneige products lately and have been hunting down things to add to my collection. Glad the see that the famous Sleeping Pack is still going strong in the market.


  5. PBunnieP says:

    I think that's a great place to start exploring the world of BB creams. After all these years the Skin79 VIP Gold is still one of my favourites. Be warned though that the Skin79 formulations do veer towards the more “traditional” thicker consistencies and slightly heavier feel than what can be found on the market now days. But it's nothing too terrible, it's about the same as a medium coverage foundation which I think a lot of people wear anyways.


  6. PBunnieP says:

    I have been “shopping with my eyes” shall we say. Between press samples and my own shopping addiction recently, I for once have to admit I am backlogged on beauty products. You know I almost ALMOST ordered that Shopping Channel summer beauty set you chatted about…I went as far as to reach for my wallet in my purse but decided I'd better get through some of this stuff first.


  7. cunggie says:

    love the post ! totally love the Korean fashion and makeup, especially because I live in KoreaI’ve been blogging about beauty and food of Korea here, please drop by ^.^ http://www.cunggie.comoh and my friends always ask me where to get stuff and now there’s finally a website !www.mootta.com


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