WISHLIST:: Summer Lustables from F21

Sure Vancouver is known for great summer weather, clear skies and those northern mountains but there’s a few things that I’ve haven’t (and possibly will never) adapt to fully and that is these strange sudden heat waves that come a few times during the summer. Today we sudden hit the 30s which although not enough to be frying an egg sunny side up is a big leap from the comfortable 20s we’ve been having for weeks. So as I was sitting there slowly steaming up inside out, I decided to distract myself with a little browse over at Forever21.

Spring Fashion Styles 2013
I have been having a big love affair with blue lately and in a way that’s never quite happened before. I used to feel that blue was very serious and grown up but since falling in love with nauticals a few years ago I’ve been slowing working my way around all its subtle tonal variations. I’ve also found myself veering away from uber feminine frills and details, instead adopting a more sophisticated silhouette.
Spring Fashion Styles 2013
I must admit that I have yet to master the skill of subtly, my daily wardrobe is either extremely relaxed (aka. non existent) or I like to go full out (just like I do with makeup). But subtly is a skill I’d like to acquire and I think these 3 tops really feel relaxed, easygoing yet quite chic…little details like the applique, studs and beading add just a touch of interest.
Spring Fashion Styles 2013

Despite going through “growing up” phases with my Mom in regards to my wardrobe, there’s one thing that we always agreed on and that was florals. Of course her’s were always a little more country and rustic but at least we could agree on a general theme. I love floral prints for the very reason that they can be styled in so many different directions from the baroque feel (left) to the more California cool pairings (right).
Spring Fashion Styles 2013
I’d like to think of accessories as meaningful statements that you add to conclude your outfits… as if to say, “I am at once everything you see yet more than what you see”. A simple black quilted bag is roomy for all your daily baggage (yes, I’m one of those girls who can pull a kitchen sink outta her bag) yet still stylish in a classic way and your cute “makeup” bag wouldn’t get lost inside that hot pink lining. A wide dangling necklace can dress up a sophisticated sheath dress or let the beads cheekily play across a bare collarbone.
Spring Fashion Styles 2013

Shoes are probably one of the most (secretly) influential parts of my outfit, switching up my foot ware can instantaneously change my outlook on what I’m doing for the day. While flats are always a favourite for walking the town (-40% OFF signs are just about around every corner), I’ve been favouring the look of the chunkier 90s heel and really like them paired with a cute sundress for an easy going look that is still feminine. But of course, when I need to really show up with a pow, nothing beats that sharp stiletto heel for maximum impact (even though you may require walking assistance) and the mesh design give this city shoe a very urban appeal.


Now that you know my picks for the summer weather, what have you been eyeing on store shelves lately?

3 thoughts on “WISHLIST:: Summer Lustables from F21

  1. Cee says:

    I'm not much of a summer girl, honestly – my mind is already on fall fashion; I tend to stick to jeans and t-shirts in the summer, saving my money for the heavier clothes I really love when fall comes around 🙂 Those blue dresses are lovely, though!xox,Cee


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