Overview: Seasons Box // April Edt

Seasons Box _April -01
Seasons Box* | April 2013 |

Beauty boxes are always like a new adventures waiting to happen, for the past while I had been adventuring with these goodies from April’s edition of Seasons Box, a Canadian born Eco-Friendly Lifestyle box that’s always filled with health conscious products to make you feel good and do good as well. For this April edition I decided it would more worthwhile to give you an overview after I’ve put these items through the full run rather than just an Open Box affair.
  • CRAWFORD STREET | Lemon Deodorant | see it | reviewed
  • HONIBE | Honey Drops | see it
  • ECOTOOLS | Foam Applicator | see it
  • CONNECTED IN HOPE | “Shiromeda” Spring Scarf | see it
*Note: Winner for the scarf will be picked at random from the Youtube comments. Open residents of Canada and USA (18yrs + or with parental consent). Closes July 2nd, winner will be announced on Facebook and contacted via Youtube as well.
Seasons Box _April -02

Find out more about Seasons Box

Subscription offerings (shipping included)
$34.90 USD / monthly
$99.70 USD / 3 months (-$5 discount versus single monthly + 5% store discount)
$174.50 USD / 6 months (-$34.90 versus single monthly + 10% store discount)
$349 USD / 12 months (-$69.80 versus single monthly + 15% store discount)
Special one time purchase or gift $34.90 USD

Seasons Box currently serves customers in Canada and the United States.

2 thoughts on “Overview: Seasons Box // April Edt

  1. Ashleigh Shawl says:

    I just wrote a post based on the liebster award and one of the questions I got asked was : “Who was the first blogger you got hooked on?”It was definitely yours! (: I got hooked on watching your videos because your I feel like I can relate to your bubbly personality and your honest opinions. Your beauty wisdom has helped this girl no end! <3http://ashliesmall.blogspot.co.uk


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