Beauty Empties:: Ep. #3 | June

Seeing a bagful of empty bottles and tubes somehow makes me feel smug and productive, I suppose perhaps in a way that only a beauty product collector can understand. Of course, too often my space is littered with small stashes of half used products but it’s a great feeling to snap the lid and call it done. (Not to mention this means you now have room for more new things *cheeky smile*)

  • THE BODY SHOP | Cocoa Butter Body Butter | reviewed
  • SHISEIDO | Tsubaki “Damage Care” Haircare
  • OPI | Nail Envy Strengthener
  • NAILTIQUES | Formula #02 Treatment
  • PANTENE | Pro-V Fine Hair Hairspray
  • GLAM GLOW | Tingling and Exfoliating Mask | reviewed
  • ESSENCE | Get Big! Lashes Mascara | review
  • DOLLYWINK | Liquid Eyeliner | reviewed
  • L’OREAL | Lash Serum

Where to find them::
The Body Shop:: Online, in stores.
Shiseido Tsubaki & Dollywink:: Ichibankao, SaSa, eBay, select Asian supermarkets
OPI & Nailtiques:: Nail salons, select drugstores, eBay
Pantene, Essence, L’Oreal:: Drugstores nation wide, Shoppers Drug Mart exclusively for Essence
Glam Glow:: Online, Sephora and select skincare boutiques

With this done and off to the recycling bin, I’m now working on using up quite a few hair products that’s been lying around. It’s one of my major weakness when it comes to the drugstore as they go on sale so often and there is almost always a coupon. A few unloved Bath and Body Works lotions have also been calling my name, oh those 3 for 3 sales!

5 thoughts on “Beauty Empties:: Ep. #3 | June

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I've been following your blog for a while, and I keep wondering if your accent is one of you insecurities? I have an accent too even though I've lived in the US for around 10 years already. It would be really appreciative if you make a post about it or simply reply thanks!


  2. noire says:

    Wow, blue looks lovely on you ^^ I have a bag of empty products as well but I'm still debating over doing posts about them : / Have a great weekend G. ❤ xx


  3. PBunnieP says:

    I've never considered my “accent” to be one of my insecurities, in fact I didn't think I have much of an accent until I started making YT videos and everyone kept pointing it out, so I assume now that I do. But certainly I was bothered by the way I speak, I mean I think society tend to “prefer” one accent over another (say somehow a British accent is more desirable than a Scottish one)… but it's never bothered me.


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