Beauty Tutorial | The Summer Bombshell Look

Summer Bombshell Look-01
Think you need dramatic smoky eyes to be a bombshell? The ladies of the ’50s sure didn’t and so I have a simple “lips and lashes” look that’s sure to get heads turning. This dynamic duo makes a statement but still feels fresh, comfortable and approachable. Quite frankly this tends to be my most worn fancy girl face.
Summer Bombshell Look-03

Start with a lightweight but high coverage base, this is especially important when you’re going to wear a bright lip as it may bring out certain unevenness in the skin. Dab your cheeks with a peachy toned blush for subtle colour.

Pat on a satin finish medium brown eyeshadow all over the lid and tight-line the upper lash line from inner to outer corner with a black waterproof pencil to create intensity.

Apply a pair of gradated lashes (short in the front, long at the back) for maximum flirting powers and rim the bottom lash line with a taupe pencil. Notice that I skipped the iconic kitten look of black liquid eyeliner as I felt the lashes themselves were enough and I wanted to keep this more modern.

Lightly groom the brows for colour and shape but make sure they aren’t overly heavy.

Summer Bombshell Look-02
Now for the saucy part, choose a pretty coral and apply generously onto the lips while blending with your fingers to make sure you cover all the small corners and crevices. The combination of fun coral and soft shine gives this look an easy going summer vibe so choose a lipstick with a bright finish.
Summer Bombshell Look-05
I’d like to think of the finished result as a little bit retro but with a modern feel and texture that can be worn from girls night to a date night. It’s dressed up and flirty without being too serious because after all, serious girls are no fun at a ball!

Summer Bombshell Look-04

(Side note: I applied the Revlon Colourstay with my Holika Holika Marshmallow Puff sponge, which is similar to the Beauty Blender but couldn’t help but notice the shade was a bit grey/ashy on my skin. I’ve used this foundation on and off for years but never saw this until now.)
Products used: Revlon Colourstay Foundation, Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in “#20 Peach Satin,” M.A.C Paintpot in “Groundwork,” Dollywink Otona Lashes in “Sweet Cat,” Rimmel Scadaleyes Liner in “Black and Taupe,” Too Faced Eyeshadow in “Sexpresso,” Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in “#620 Coral Queen”
This is post is an expanded version of my segment for FASHION MAGAZINE‘s Beauty Panel challenge. The Beauty Panel is a collective of Canadian beauty bloggers, gathered together to answer your toughest questions so bring it on! Products used
Read what the panel had to say: Summer Bombshell

 Beauty Panel Bombshell Look-Fashion Magazine


2 thoughts on “Beauty Tutorial | The Summer Bombshell Look

  1. Anonymous says:

    You're awesome and beautiful, with intelligent insight and help, but why must you face makeup be lighter than you're natural skin color? It's not sooo dramatic(I've seen other Asians go waay lighter) but is it so hard to just mix your real color? I saw this quite a bit on your blog, and felt like mentioning it. Also, you call yourself “very fair-skinned” and I have to disagree with that skin. First of all, you're Asian(I am too, not being racist) so you have a larger amount of carotene(possibly the reason Asians tan so well) than other people; this contribute to the yellowness of skin. Plus, Asian have more melanin than other race even though we're usually born pretty light, another reason we tan and have the worst hyper-pigmentation issues… in the world. The connotation of the word “fair” to a lot of people in English suggests that you are high-coloured, or have pink(what they mean by colour) undertones to your skin, some of your “only” colour. I know Asia likes using the word fair, because of the connotation beauty it has, but would you mind using pale or something similar? You are very pale, no denying, but I would define fair as NW10 or a shade similar. Also, I think you may be the ever so slightly darker NC15 on MAC since they're foundation shades vary within the different ranges. I'm not trying to offend you even though I know issues of skin colour are a really low blow to Asians, even as westernized as we are.Don't get me wrong, your great and should continue what you do best: beauty, but I just had to share my pet-peeve with you. I don't mind your whitening, or anything, just wanted to share my thoughts. I meant it with the best intentions; sorry for the rhetorical questions.


  2. PBunnieP says:

    Not at all, I am personally not a fan of the “white face” darker neck look either and I try to avoid that when possible because it doesn't look natural.When it comes to foundations, I'm usually matched to MAC NC15 -NC20 as you can see from the “My Stats” tab at the top of the page where I list all my foundation matches. While I do use the terms “Fair” and “Pale” quite interchangeably, I don't tend to call myself “very fair skinned” (although, if I have at some point, I don't particularly remember). Personally, I would use the term “porcelain” for anyone who is lighter than my complexion (a la Nicole Kidman). Most of the time people see me through my videos and/or photographs and many factors play into how colours are seen in digital media than in real life. Yes in my “before and after” shots, my face colour has become overall lighter with foundation but the reality of things is that my “natural colour” (aka. my chest, where I don't expose as much) is actually lighter than my face. So I try my best to match foundations to my chest. If I only matched it to my bare face colour, it would actually be darker than my chest if I wear a low cut top.Lastly, to me anyways, I don't find issues of skin colour to be a “low blow” at all. We are the colour that we are born with. What I've always tried to do is just maintain the best natural skin of what I have.


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