Scent: ZARA // Woman 92 Champs Elysees Paris

Lucky chances, it’s one of those beauty moments where you walk past a shelf nonchalantly, pick up the first bottle that catches your eye and instantly fall in love with a fragrance. Yes it happens and sometimes love finds you in the most unexpected of places….Zara.

Zara Woman Perfume_01

I’ve never been much of a Zara woman, while I admired a few of its pieces from time to time, I only own a few classic sweaters and cardigans as most of their collection isn’t proportioned for my frame. But in the 30 seconds it took for me to walk towards the exit, I happened up on one of the best perfume finds in quite a few years.
  • Released in 2012
  • Labeled as: Oriental
  • Top Notes: Bergamot, jasmine, vanilla, patchoulli, caramel
92 Champs Elysses Paris is easily a modern classic.Β  The soft, sensual and sophisticated scent is perfectly reflected by it’s design from the the neo-traditional atomizer to the fine silver dust suspended inside the peach tinted perfume, this bottle would be right at home amongst other more expensive selections. First and foremost I adore the puff atomizer and for good practical reasons, instead of dousing me in a large spray, this design allowed for a fine and delicate mist that didn’t wet my skin or hair.
While this is categorized as an Oriental scent by Zara, the first notes reveal itself to be a much softer and sweeter than what one might expect. Notes of bergamot and jasmine dance an elegant waltz with obvious notes of vanilla, the initial performance is feminine but in a demure way…not quite flirty or sexy. In fact with its distinctive floral cords, I would say this is much more of a White Oriental (or I could have just made that term up).
Zara Woman Perfume_03
“Demure ladies whisper”, as Fran would say in that episode of the Nanny. This Zara fragrance is certain one that stays close to the wearer, not much projection but yet again I don’t mind. As much as I love my Samsara, it’s a heady Oriental that can be a bit overwhelming and I’ve put it away for the spring time. 92 Champs Elysees however is much more suited to those intimate encounters… a brush of hair, a welcoming embrace or a lingering goodnight kiss.

On me, I find the Eau de Toilette formulation to be weaker than others I’ve used before, lasting only around 2-3 hours before I loose notice of it altogether. During this time, the floral vanilla notes fade away to a richer caramel base laced with hints of patchouli and the occasional waft of lingering jasmine. It becomes warm and sensual without being overly sweet.

Zara Woman Perfume_04
  • Smells like: soft oriental floral
  • What stands out most: vanilla, jasmine
  • I’d recommend this for: 20s and over
  • Words I’d use to describe this: feminine, demure, sophisticated, sensual
  • Best worn for: Everyday from the office to those intimate date nights.
  • Repurchase factor: Absolutely, would make a beautiful warm weather signature.
Zara Woman Perfume_02

What an unexpected surprise this Zara find turned out to be and I’m certain there will be future bottles waiting for me. I see this as a softer option to my Samsara and more appropriate for a wider variety of occasions but still has that lingering sophisticated feminine allure about it. If anything, I only wished it would last slightly longer on the skin but I suppose this gives me more reason to play with the darling atomizer pump. Well worth checking out!

3 thoughts on “Scent: ZARA // Woman 92 Champs Elysees Paris

  1. Aleeza says:

    I had a sniff of this the other. Will probably go back for it because I now can't stop thinking about it. And I think your post is a sign haha. Plus, I love the bottle's atomizer — so fun & elegant πŸ™‚ x


  2. Janice says:

    How much was this perfume? there's a smaller 50ml size as well so I'd like to figure out which size to get in terms of price. I live in Toronto, Canada, btw.Thanks!


  3. PBunnieP says:

    Hi Janice, The stick on the box said $25 if I remember correctly, I'm not sure if it is a special markdown price or the regular price though. I didn't see any smaller versions in the Zara I was at, so I just grabbed the 100ml bottle. A lot of the other Zara perfume variations in the 50ml sizes were priced around $15 or so, perhaps they will be similar.


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