A’PEIU // Flawless Cover BB Cream (spf30/pa++)

If you’re an adventurous beauty lover like me, sometimes curiosity just gets the better of you and you bring home a product that you know little about. Sometimes luck gets it right (see my beauty lottery winner here) and sometimes it gets it very very wrong. Well, ladies this is one of those times.

APIEU_Flawless Cover BB Cream_01
A’PIEU | Flawless Cover BB Cream // Light Beige | 12,000 Won (full size: 40ml)
You may remember my excited enthusiasm for my very first A’Pieu product a few months ago when my KoreaDepart order arrived at my door. The brand is popular for being affordable and also attracts much attention with it’s use of natural ingredients and plant extracts, featuring a green appeal.

I picked up this BB cream in the lightest shade available No.13 Light Beige but for those who have more colour to their face there is also No.21 and No.23 in this range. Unfortunately, here’s where to problem started. With a small dot of product this actually swatched nicely, being a similar paleness to my skin but once blended into my face I realized this turned out be an unflattering shade of peachy pink. Nice as a blush, not so great as a foundation or BB cream.

APIEU_Flawless Cover BB Cream_02
It also had thick dense texture which required carefully patting onto the face with fingers or a damp sponge, use a buffing brush and you are almost certainly pick up every single dry patch on the skin. The finish once set the look was matte while being slightly powdery/velvet to the touch and although it did not feel like a burden on my face, I still couldn’t help notice that the combination of mismatched colour and thicker consistency looked very unnatural on my face. In fact, this is one of those rare occasions in which my bare skin actually looked better than wearing a base product.

To redeem itself slightly, I can say that this does provide great coverage that goes on medium but is also buildable to cover most imperfections and discolouration that you’d like to hide, in addition you can absolutely go without setting powder and it will still look finished. If you can find a matching shade in this range, the combination of a matte finish and high coverage might be a winning combination for you especially those with oily skin.
While I fully intended to give this BB cream a good run and an in depth review, it just looked too ridiculous on my skin and I quickly gave it up without using it further to test its skincare benefits. I hope some of you have better luck out there!

APIEU_Flawless Cover BB Cream_04
This is a FLASH REVIEW : these are my initial thoughts and/or first impressions on beauty samples that I have been trying out. I hope these mini posts will give you some basic information on certain products even if I haven’t had the full experience with them some of them yet. 

6 thoughts on “A’PEIU // Flawless Cover BB Cream (spf30/pa++)

  1. Lyra says:

    I have this, in the same colour, and I find it actually really good. Maybe my base-tone is more pink than yours. I also really like the fact that this has a matte finish which makes it different from my other BB-creams. I also have the Skin79 orange, which you didn't really like, but I find it very good!Thank you for all of your reviews though, I have found them a great help, although different products seem to work for us!


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