ESSIE // Bridal 2013 Nail Polish : Swatches & Impressions

ESSIE Bridal 2013-01
Bridal collections are always some of my favourites in the beauty market, the focus is usually on a soft and feminine colour palette which is absolutely my style. This spring ESSIE has released their 2013 Bridal Collection* which looks like they were plucked straight off the petals of a lush lilac bouquet.

BowsAND Arrows_Lilac Bunch
Lilac Bouquet // Bows and Arrows Flowers
Dallas, Texas // Blog / Website

The collection features four lively yet romantic options, in various shades of cream, shimmer and even duo-chrome. Looking at these sitting on my desk, I think they would be wonderful for the bridesmaids as well.

ESSIE Bridal 2013-03
NO BAGGAGE PLEASE: “positively rosy pink”
This is a very creamy light neutral pink sprinkled with micro fine silver glitter that is just minutely visible if I hold up the swatch to the light. While certainly noticeable in the bottle, it does not translate with the same intensity once applied.
Beautiful in 2 coats.
ESSIE Bridal 2013-04
MEET ME AT THE ALTAR: “romantic rendezvous lilac”
This is a light creamy lilac version of No Baggage Please, with the same micro fine silver glitter which again is quite discrete when applied. The depth of this colour would fit a variety of pale to deep skin tones beautifully. One of my favourites from this set, it’s that perfect choice when I can’t decide between pink or purple.
Beautiful in 2 coats.
ESSIE Bridal 2013-05
MY BETTER HALF: “irresistible peony pink”
This is a saturated fuschia with a slight silvery taupe duo chrome sheen which translates into a satin finish on the nails. I found this to take a bit more effort to perfect and smooth out evenly than the light shades though the formulation is not necessarily thicker. 
Beautiful in 3 coats.

ESSIE Bridal 2013-06

USING MY  MAIDEN NAME: “pretty blue hydrangea”
This is a saturated lavender hydrangea shade (definitely not blue) with micro silver shimmer mixed with a brighter lavender duo chrome. The finish is satin but does show more multi-dimensionality than My Better Half. I did find this slightly harder to coat evenly and required one more coat than the lighter colours. For those who like a little more pow to contrast with a pastel dress or a pale bouquet.
Beautiful in 3 coats.

ESSIE Bridal 2013-02

Availability: In stores now!
Overall I was especially please with how easily the lighter creamy shades applied as they tend to be the ones to go streaky. My favourite pickings would be Meet Me at the Altar and Using my Maiden Name or perhaps both together on fingers and toes. All four shades dried quite quickly and evened themselves out to a smooth sleek finish without an additional topcoat.
This is a FLASH REVIEW : these are my initial thoughts and/or first impressions on beauty samples that I have been trying out. I hope these mini posts will give you some basic information on certain products even if I haven’t had the full experience with them some of them yet. 

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