Lifestyle: Commiting to fitness

Fitness May update
I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to my fitness routine, I get side tracked easily. In fact, my “routine” often come as sporadic guilt sessions rather than a committed scheduled regime. This year however, I decided to take a slightly different approach and I want to share with you a few personal tips on how to stay committed.

1. Know where you want to end up.
Have as clear of a picture as possible about where you want to be at the end of your journey and what you want to maintain. Rip out magazine pages, make an inspirations board, whatever you need but make sure it’s a reasonable goal that’s just a little challenging but not overwhelming. Personally, my goal is to get lean and do some body sculpting rather than loose weight. When looking for fitness guides out there, many focus on weight loss or “dieting” and that’s not necessarily the right thing for everyone so choose your resources carefully.

Fitness May update

101 Ways to Workout with Weights // Cindy Whitmarsh | see it
Body by You // Mark Lauren | see it

2. Choose a system or activity that works for you.
Sure you can just sign up for a gym membership and call yourself set but if that system doesn’t attract you then you aren’t going to be motivated to go there. I’m not much of a gym rat so I decided to look for approaches that can be done easily at home or just on my own, no fancy equipment required. Case and point, I was browsing the Amazon and found these two books that caught my eye. I’ve also picked up running which is an easy way to get some cardio into my day.

Lynn Canyon_02

Lynn Canyon Park // North Vancouver
3. Sneak in extras whenever you can.
Now this is easier done in the summer months because of the insanely nice weather around here but grab the opportunity to fit in a little extra whenever and wherever that you can. So go on a hike, cycle around town or dive in for a swim, these may not seem like much but it de-stress your mind and help stretch out your muscles but more importantly keeps you in the mindset to keep moving your body!
This year, I’m not counting pounds or inches but rather the way my body looks and feels. I hope you’re also off to a great start in your fitness goals this year!
Psssst…please share your commitment tips as well.

4 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Commiting to fitness

  1. Anonymous says:

    try blogilates! I personally love to dance and sometimes I will just blast music and incorporate squats, jumping jacks, high kicks, into a fun little routine!


  2. Health_Adventure says:

    I enjoy doing cardio in the makes me sweat a lot which do improve my skin too :)p.s: i recently started blogging about fitness and wellness, it means a lot to me if u check out my blog 🙂 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    What keeps me going is the way I feel after a workout or a good run. I just feel refreshed and energized…as well as sweaty! I have also picked up some light weight lifting for toning up. Much like you I'm not worried about weight loss, I just want to look and feel better! Keep up the good work!


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