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Seasons Box March-01
Seasons Box* | March 2013 | 

It’s true, St. Patrick’s day is well behind us but spring is singing (right outside my window actually) and what a fitting time to introduce Seasons Box*, a lifestyle box monthly subscription service that takes going green very seriously. In fact, the driving goal of the company is to source out environmentally conscious products that you can bring into your daily life. Here’s a look at what was in the box for March!


  • SHED RAIN | Ecoverse Compact Umbrella | see it
  • THE OCTAVIA TEA COMPANY | Emerald Spring (Organic) Green Tea | see it
  • VANCE KITIRA | Natural Incense Cones “Oriental Lime” | see it
  • ALL THINGS HERBAL | Naturally Irish Soap “Dublin Mint” | see it
Seasons Box

I also had a chance to chat with Agnes (found of Seasons Box) about a few questions that I had floating in mind, here’s what she had to say.

Describe Seasons Box in 3 words?
Agnes: Eco-friendly, seasonal, luxurious.

I love that your lifestyle box has a green focus, is this something that’s
always appealed to you?

Agnes: Absolutely, the green focus of Seasons Box has always been
important. Since the inspiration for Seaons Box comes from the changing
beauty of nature, there is no better way to stay true to the seasons
then to have a green focus. I also think that it is important for
everyone to use products that are healthy and safe for the environment
and Seasons Box makes it easy to find such products and to purchase
more of them through our store.

Seasons Box has lots of goodies for the ladies, any possibility of expanding
this to a men’s box? Family box? Pet box?

Agnes: We are not looking at expanding into other categories at the moment
but it is certainly something to think about.

The spring season is blooming, what’s your favourite seasonal treat for this
time of the year?

Agnes: Organic tea is my go-to treat for spring because its so light and
refreshing. This is another reason why we felt that tea was a
must-have for the March Box. It’s such a versatile treat for spring
that you can enjoy iced or warm.


Find out more about Seasons Box

Subscription offerings (shipping included)
$34.90 USD / monthly
$99.70 USD / 3 months (-$5 discount versus single monthly + 5% store discount)
$174.50 USD / 6 months (-$34.90 versus single monthly + 10% store discount)
$349 USD / 12 months (-$69.80 versus single monthly + 15% store discount)
Special one time purchase or gift $34.90 USD

Seasons Box currently serves customers in Canada and the United States.
This blog post contains press samples, for more details on how this works please read my *blog policy guideline.

One thought on “OPEN BOX | Seasons Box // March

  1. noire says:

    Everything looks so nice! They sure pay special attention to presentation ^^ I wish such services were available worldwide, but then customs would also need to change their policy regarding food and beverages… I've gotten too “global” for my third world narrow-minded country, I should move somewhere else LOL xx


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