HAUL | Korean Makeup & Rare finds | video

KoreaDepart Order
Sprinkles, stars and happiness!
My Korea Depart order just arrived last week and I haven’t been so excited about a package for a while because I had been debating back and forth for weeks before finally placing my order from this site, mainly because it’s so new to me and I was rather apprehensive. The great news it that everything went through smoothly and I would absolutely order there again! But first, let’s see what goodies I brought home…

  • HOLIKA HOLIKA | Luminous Silk Aura Pact | get it
  • HOLIKA HOLIKA | Love Fantasy Blusher #03 | get it
  • TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL | Marshmallow Puff | get it
  • NATURE REPUBLIC | Botanical Cake Eyebrow #01 | get it
  • A’PIEU | Flawless Cover BB Cream #13 | get it
  • ETUDE HOUSE | N Puff (square) | get it
  • HOLIKA HOLIKA | Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner | get it

As mentioned (in the video), ordering from Korea Depart takes a bit more work on your half but as long as you keep track of all the steps it shouldn’t bee too terrible. You can read the website’s official guide (here) to the ordering process but in short it goes like this: 
  1. Choose your items, proceed to checkout, total price for products given.
  2. Send product amount to Korea Depart Paypal, wait for confirmation.
  3. Your package will be packaged, weighed and shipping total emailed to you.
  4. Send shipping amount to Korea Depart Paypal, wait for confirmation.
  5. Package shipped, travel through the universe, package in your paws.
You will emailed/given the total for each payment (product total, later shipping total) but you do have to log into Paypal yourself and hit “send money”, typing in the exact amount (in USD) to send. There will not be an invoice waiting for you. Remember to add in the “notes” section of Paypal your full name and order number to make things easier for everyone and I advise keeping a paper record of each step for your own tracking purposes.
*Note: They have recently updated a “pre-paid” shipping option where you pay fixed rate shipping with your product total at once and is adjusted if the final weight is different. I don’t suggest this, more complex than it’s worth, you’ll likely need to adjust anyways.

Korea Depart Haul

My order status: 
  • Ordering, payment, shipping calculation, shipping payment (March 11-17th). 
  • Package shipped (March 19th).
  • Package received (April 3rd).
  • My total shipping: 250g – 500 g @ $8.54 USD 
    • (my package weighed 452g on my scale)

Current rates to Canada

Weight / Registered mail cost    0.10 kg | 4.50 USD

0.25 kg | 6.16 USD
0.50 kg | 8.54 USD
1.00 kg | 12.17 USD
1.50 kg | 16.83 USD
2.00 kg | 21.49 USD

Absolutely worth it, though I wouldn’t suggest this for those who are in a time crunch or just can’t wait that long. The actually travel time is same as other sites but it’s the payments back and forth which takes a few extra days. However, the prices on the items can be 30%-50% of what you pay on eBay and for a multi-product order that can save you quite a bit. Speaking of which, one last tip that might seem obvious…avoid items that are cheap in price but heavy in weight, since shipping is weight based, choose wisely.

19 thoughts on “HAUL | Korean Makeup & Rare finds | video

  1. Teukie Martin says:

    have you ever tried gmarket? i have been ordering from them for the past several months and i love them! you need to make big hauls to make the shipping worthwhile, but the prices are fantastic and shipping is usually really fast. plus you can buy samples of high end brands.


  2. PBunnieP says:

    I haven't used the Missha #13 so I can't do a direct comparison but I will get back to you on this in a future post but from other people's swatches it seems to be a very similar depth range. I still need to do some proper testing in good lighting and such to be sure though.


  3. PBunnieP says:

    GMarket scares me as I can't read a word of Korean and while I get the general gist of it and have seen various English tutorials from other bloggers, I'm not brave enough to make my first purchase yet. But I have heard the selection (and samples!) are amazing.


  4. Sarah says:

    Great post! Can you please list the ingredients for the Holika Holika Luminous Silk BB Cream? It looks gorgeous on you!! But I want to see what kind of sunscreen filters they use. I want to ensure I have sufficient UVA (in form of zinc oxide) coverage. Also, I'm concern that this bb cream won't be enough to cover my pigmentation spots.


  5. PBunnieP says:

    Hi Sarah,As it seems to be with many Korean base products, there's no percentage listing for the sunscreen ingredient. Zinc Oxide is listed as the 4th ingredient, with Titanium Dioxide right behind it as the 5th but it doesn't give any further details in English. I have yet to take the full photographs and such for the bb cream and powder but the full list will be up once I post the review. As for coverage, I'd say it's a medium coverage product so it will cover just as much as any other medium coverage product you may have used previously, I think it will camouflage the appearance of pigmentation spots somewhat but won't be able to conceal them fully.


  6. PBunnieP says:

    Hmmm… Etude House's Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream has a shade called “Sande Beige” (#w15) that might be worth a shot. Otherwise, I think Western BB Creams are probably your better option for colour selection.


  7. Sarah says:

    Thanks for your reply. I'm a new subscriber to you blog and I love how articulate you are in your videos! It is like a breath of fresh air from vloggers whose videos consists of a 100 omg's and i love it's…without explaining exactly why. Besides, I'm all for supporting my fellow Canadians! Please keep doing what you're doing!Last summer, I used a sunscreen that doesn't layer well with my foundation. So I end up rubbing off most of it when I apply my foundation on top. Despite of this, I didn't want to let the sunscreen go to waste, so I continued to use it. What a big mistake that was! At the end of the summer, I noticed that my complexion has darken significantly and I got so many brown sunspots. My complexion did lighten back over the winter, but the sunspots remained. I'm determined not to let this happen again this year.So instead of applying sunscreen underneath and a separate foundation on top. I'm looking for one that has both. But the sunscreen protection is still my number one priority, that's why I want to find out with the most UVA coverage. Do you know whether the Holika Holika Luminous Silk BB Cream has any chemical sunscreen filters? If they only have Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, then it might not be stable enough. I find that most sunscreen combines Octinoxate in it to create the higher number SPF ratings. Do you see that on the ingredient list?If my number one priority is sun protection, which BB cream would you recommend? Do you have any personal experience where you find that you tend to tan less with a certain product? Thanks so much again for your help! I cannot wait to read your reviews on these Korean products.


  8. PBunnieP says:

    I found what is listed as “Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate” (what a mouthful!) which appears to be an alternate name for Octinoxate, it is listed as the 3rd ingredient just ahead of zinc oxide. I'm certainly no expert on sunscreen buty I have found myself breaking out easily with chemical based ones which is why I usually prefer physical sunblocks but I''m not certain the difference in effectiveness etc.In terms of BBs with SPF, I like to look at them as an added bonus, rarely do I solely rely on them for sun protection. The main reason being that I hardly apply enough bb for it to act as adequate sunblock (that would mean slathering on quite a bit of product) so I always wear a separate SPF underneath. I got lazy for a few days on a trip to San Francisco and decided to just pop on my bb cream (which does have spf) but it didn't do as well as my regular sunscreen. Since you described “rubbing off” the sunscreen when you apply foundation, I'm thinking perhaps you're using something with high silicone content? Similar things happen to me with silicone primers, they just ball up and rub off…watery ones tend to sink in rather than just sit on top.My favourite for a while has been the “KISS ME SUNKILLER Whitening Water Sunscreen” (http://www.pbunniep.com/2012/06/review-kiss-me-sunkiller-whitening.html?showComment=1366151585954#c7104583055154848607) which I've reviewed. It's been my summer staple and wears very well underneath foundation/base products. I'm not exactly certain if it has been discontinued as the brand did push out new sunscreen versions but I think it's worth a look. Oh and I do use skin brightening/whitening products throughout the year to counteract any dark spots or areas that tanned unevenly. So that does help minimize the issues.


  9. Sarah says:

    Thanks again for your reply! I just found out that Japan has revised their UVA rating systems and now there is a PA++++ rating!!! This translates to a PPD rating of 16 or more! That is what I call good UVA protection! Supposedly, companies have already start rolling out either 1) new products with new formulations that will take them to this new rating, or 2) re-package existing products that are at PA+++ before, but is in fact already at the PA++++ level.This is huge news…to me at least. Please please go get some of these new PA++++ products to try and review it for us. I'm sure I'm not the only reader that is obsessed with sun protection.Last but not least, I'd absolutely LOVE to see a brightening/whitening series where you describe and critique all the products that you've tried. These products are often quite expensive. It'll be really useful to learn more about their effectiveness before making the plunge. Thanks in advance!


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