Beauty Tutorial | ’90s Makeup Revival

90s Makuep Trend-01

The ’90s was a strange time in my childhood, I was old enough to notice my surroundings but too young to understand them. Looking back it was a time of both rebellion and sophistication and interestingly, both had overlapping elements. Pale skin, deep lips and a hazy eye look is my 1990s beauty recreation.

90s Makuep Trend-03
Prep the skin with a light foundation, full coverage isn’t necessary and can make the overall look too heavy. A tinge of neutral pink cream blush is optional but a touch of colour really wakes up pale skin. Alternatively a warm rose or even brick shade will enhance medium to dark skin beautifully.

An earthy brown cream shadow is blended all over the eyelid and below as well to create a hazy wash of colour followed by a smudge of black eyeliner between the lashes, just following the shape of the eye but not extending past the outer corners. Brows are kept light in tone but defined in shape in order to frame the eye area but not overshadow the lip colour and to prevent the look from going into retro territory.

90s Makuep Trend-02

Finish the look by applying thin layers of a bruised red lipstick with fingers, creating a deep stained effect with soft edges, building intensity as desired. False lashes are optional. The finished effect should be both soft yet saturated with the lips as the main focus but not loosing definition in other parts of the face.


Products used: Maybelline Fit-Me Foundation in “#110,” Ben Nye Media Pro Cream Contour in “Blushing Bride,” M.A.C Paintpot in “Groundwork,” Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner Pencil in “Midnight Master,” Dior Diorshow Brow Styler in “Universal Brown,” Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in “#180 Jet Set Red” mixed with NYX Round Lipstick in “#555 Bruised”
This is post is an expanded version of my segment for FASHION MAGAZINE‘s Beauty Panel challenge. The Beauty Panel is a collective of Canadian beauty bloggers, gathered together to answer your toughest questions so bring it on!
Read what the panel had to say: 1990s Hair and Makeup
  BeautyPanel Challenge _ 90s Makeup

5 thoughts on “Beauty Tutorial | ’90s Makeup Revival

  1. Angelina says:

    Hi!! I loooove your tutorials and reviews! So professional and easy to catch up!I would like to make u a few cuestions. I have just seen you skincare video. And btw i think i have the same dry skin/ flaky during the winter… The txture of my skin on that time is like a feet exfoliant jajajajajj. My skin i s dry, but with big pores, and pimples appear over the chin área once on a while. It has been quite estable for a while. I really want to know if those products that you mention really help with the flaky issue… Here we aré in autum so winter is just round the corner!!!!!!! And i wanna be ready !!!!! @.@…. Because lately bb cream has been.looking quite “eakkkkss” on my skin sincera the área between my eyebrows looks dry. ( ive been using flatoso


  2. Angelina says:

    Sorry i dindt finish my comment jején soooooo i was saying ive been using clarisonics- juju cleanser-hadalabo hialuronic toner( sometimes wonder pore frm EH) aquamoist eye cream- and lioele sweded gel But i know that i leed more nutrition during winterSoooooo thats all hope you can help me!!!Lot of kisses from the longest country !! Chile !


  3. Suki says:

    I think you've captured the look very well, it was indeed all hazy eyes and berry lips and I love the lip colour combination you've created. I didn't wear make-up back in the 90s because I was going through adolescence and a particularly harsh acne phase, but I think it was an interesting and understated look and I really like how you've re-created it!


  4. PBunnieP says:

    Hi Angelina,I'm thinking that Chile is quite dry and so products that put water and moisture back to your skin would be good. You say you are currently using the Hadalabo toner but have you considered adding the “emulsion” (aka moisturizer) to your routine? These two together have always done very well for me during the wintertime. And as always, regular exfoliation helps with flakiness and also let's your other products work better and sink deeper into your skin.


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