Beauty Tutorial: Soft & Airy Hairstyle | video

Soft Airy Japanese Inspired Hairstyle -01
Remember all that moaning and groaning I did (on Facebook) about my hair when I first got it cut? After much experimentation I’ve finally settled on a style that I love and works well with my new layers. A soft and feminine look that plays up lots of layers with airy volume instead of trying to straighten them out. A Japanese model inspired look, similar to something you may find in Rayli or CanCan magazine.
(Note: It might be a good idea to smooth over the top of the hair gently with a brush to tame any unwanted fly-aways, something I overlooked until I saw the final photographs.)

  • REVLON | Perfect Heat 1.5″ Curling Iron
  • LUCIDO-L | Designing Aqua Hair curl lotion 
    • Alternative | L’Oreal Elnett Styling Heat Spray “Curl”
  • LUCIDO-L | Hair Wax “Nuance – Fiber” version
  • LUCIDO-L | Designing Air Hairspray “Firm”
    • Alternative | L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray, Pantene Volume Hairspray
Lucido-L products can often be found in your local Asian supermarket, the waxes especially are quite popular. I personally get my fix from eBay, many sellers from Hong Kong (or even Korea) carry the line since they are marketed all over Asia. Alternatively you can replace my choices with easier to find drugstore options such s those from L’Oreal Elnett, the hairspray especially is fabulous for fluffy soft hold.

Soft Airy Hairstyle -Products Lucido-L

I think I’ve declared my love for Lucido-L products more than enough times, it always comes up whenever I talk about my hair so I thought they deserved a little spot light here. As elusive and hard to find as they may be, this Japanese drugstore hair brand makes products that gives me what I’ve always wanted…soft, girly, touchable hair. Now this may sound simple but I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve ended up with a crunchy, flaking, mess of hair. Lucido-L products usually have a mild scent, no visible alcohol stench and most of them can just be brushed through. How magical! I’m currently very in love with their hair “wax” which is very different from western versions, this feels soft like a cream but is actually a fiber matrix and is neither oily nor leaves your hair hard so its truly perfection for fluffing up your hair.
With my current layered cut, my Shiseido Ma Cherie haircare and a little help from Lucido-L I can finally say I’m having a good hair day…now fancy that.

Soft Airy Japanese Inspired Hairstyle -03

6 thoughts on “Beauty Tutorial: Soft & Airy Hairstyle | video

  1. noire says:

    You look especially adorable in this video/post!!! You made it seem so effortless, my hair is too long to even atempt to do this, but still, taking notes for when or if I ever cut it!!! haha xx


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