Review: BEN NYE | Media Pro HD Compact Powder

In the light of more theater makeup brands turning to the mass market, many companies whose products were the foundations of stage and screen have now become more accessible and friendly for the average consumer. Flashier names like MAC and Illamasqua have become familiar words in our beauty vocabulary but have you been introduced to Mr. Ben Nye?

Mr. Ben Nye, the man with the illustrious career in TV and film (a must read right here) first launched his line of theater based makeup products in 1967. With the rigorous demands of the lights and cameras, products not only needed to be long lasting but also highly saturated, malleable (for close up glamour shots to special effects work) and provide a spot on match for talents of all skin tones.

Ben Nye- Media Pro Compact Powder-01
Brand: Ben Nye
Product: HD Media Pro Compact Powder* in “Bella 002” (press sample)
Shades: 18-20 (10 Bella shades, 8 Mojave shades plus 2 specials)
Size: 18grams
Price: $29USD
Availability: Specialty theater/film shops, a few f/x retailers online like Stage Makeup Online, P.A.M. or Camera Ready Cosmetics may carry them in singles or palette form.
Would I repurchase: Yes, likely.

Having heard about Ben Nye products for many years, I was excited to finally see them in person at IMATS Vancouver 2012 and the array of colours and textures were thrilling. What you will also quickly notice with their products is the modern ideal of “form follows function”, in that everything from packaging to presentation is based on ease of use and durability.

The powder case itself is encased in a heavy clear lidded acrylic compact, something that could take a serious bashing in a working makeup case and survive intact. Pressed into a large square pan, this talc based powder is both unfragranced and also very soft to the touch. Applied either with a puff or a brush (both of which worked well for me) this HD compact set my foundation to an elegant satin finish all while remaining invisible on the skin as if I’m wearing nothing at all. This remained true through multiple touch ups and never made my skin look overdone on camera thus becoming my most frequently used powder for shooting videos. Coverage with this is sheer to light, mainly intended for smoothing and setting foundation rather than act as a sole skin perfector.

Ben Nye- Media Pro Compact Powder-03

However despite this containing kaolin clay (for oil absorbancy no doubt), I found the oil controlling factor to be quite average (good but not amazing), lasting about 4-5 hours on my combination skin which is a rather standard wear time for me. Not likely the best choice worn alone for very oily skin but would work well on everyone else. On the other hand this blended in so nicely with my skin tone, never oxidized nor cause any adverse skin reactions so I am happy to give this a solid rating for what it’s meant to do.

I would have liked to see this with a mirror for touch up purposes but seeing that this is catered towards working makeup and film industry professionals, it really doesn’t serve a function for their use. There is really nothing fussy about Ben Nye products, just great function, skin friendly textures and good value (especially compared to what you can buy now in mass market brands). For anyone who is looking for a traceless powder to give a soft setting effect for your daily makeup I would certainly recommend this one, give it a go!

Ben Nye HD Compcat Powder snap

2 thoughts on “Review: BEN NYE | Media Pro HD Compact Powder

  1. Lacy Rose says:

    I have never tried Ben Nye products before, but I know they're pretty good. Great review by the way, makes me want to try this out even though I have quite a few face powders to go through still :P


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