Beauty News | Are we ready for "CC" Creams?

Image via | Chanel Singapore

Just when you thought you’d caught up with the BB cream craze, here’s a new spin to your base routine…say hello to CC creams. Introduced as an improved version of it’s predecessor, this new formulation is meant to be a balanced combination of skincare and light makeup with a focus on colour correction (redness, dull skin, uneven skin tone) and a seamless blend with your natural skin.
My first look detailed look into this still rather mysterious product came from Taiwanese blogger Yuki’s post where she introduced the prestigious Chanel Complete Correction Cream. At this time this appears to be an Asian exclusive but is rumored to make a move into Western markets very soon.
Korean CC Cream

Image via / Find it | Cathy Cat Korea | Mizon Korea

Korea, being the famed homeland of many popular BB creams, is said to be at the front line of developing new formulations for CC creams. While selection is still slim, a few brands like Tony Moly, Mizon and Cathy Cat have already released their first contenders. Interestingly, these Asian variants seem to be shade shifters changing from a white lotion (sometimes tinted lavender or mint) into a flesh tone.

Western CC Creams

Image via / Find it | Clinique UK | L’Oreal | Annabelle

Not going to be a mere follower this time, quite a few Western releases have also been spotted around the globe, with the UK seeing CC creams from both Clinique and L’Oreal coming this month. Canadian favourite Annabelle cosmetics has already released a drugstore CC line complete with a tone correcting neutralizer and illuminating version and a pressed powder.

Following the extreme success of their Camera Ready BB Cream, Smashbox’s new promotional video introduces their CC cream release. I spotted this just a few days ago.
Then there is this one from Korean brand Tony Moly which may be the first one I get my hands on, the Luminous Pure Aura CC cream.

From what I’ve seen from various markets (press releases, blogger swatches), the new CC creams appears to be a more refined version of the BB cream, scaled back in coverage and acting more like a skin enhancing primer with skincare and sun protection. Will it replace BB creams altogether? I’m not certain but the currently outlook seems unlikely, while they do have overlapping functions, I believe ultimately the texture and coverage is going to be a deciding factor for most people.

What do you think about this new “innovation”?

Is it too soon to introduce something like this after the BB cream takeover?

5 thoughts on “Beauty News | Are we ready for "CC" Creams?

  1. Her Ugliness says:

    I've seen some review images of a CC Cream (I think it was one by ElishaCoy) and from the photos it seemed to have ZERO coverage. The skin looked a bit more shiny, maybe a bit more even, but I thought the result looked more like what you get if you use a primer. The person in that review even ended up putting BB Cream OVER CC Cream to get any kind of good result, and I think there is already enough moisturising/whitening /UV protection /anti wrinkle and all that other stuff in BB Cream, so I do not need to put one cream with the same effect under another, that, in addition to these effects has better coverage.So far CC Creams do not really convince me, but I am curious to watch how that trend develops.


  2. Frances says:

    hmmm not terribly appealing to me… I like the coverage of BB creams 😛 plus I feel like it's just a marketing thing O_o but I'll be excited to hear your thoughts on the Tony Moly one if you did get your hands on it ^_^


  3. PBunnieP says:

    I don't think I've encountered any bb creams without sunscreen, mainly because they are formulated to be multifunctional products especially when it comes to SPF.


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