Beauty Guide | My Nail Polish Collection, Storage & Brand Reviews

A nail polish collection can become very large very quickly, they’re small, shiny and come cheaply at just a few dollars from the drugstore so no wonder a pretty bottle of varnish is almost always in any shopping trip. Do you do the same?

For all you polish lovers out there I’m about to run you through every single nail polish in my collection…you know, just in case you were looking to beef up your stash *sneaky wink*


  • OPI VS. ESSIE | I find this happens to be the eternal debate, so I’d best tackle this one first. Formulation wise I find OPI to be easier to worth with and more consistent through the different shades, their brushes are great and wear time is extremely good. Essie has a better selection of colours and so I do tend to gravitate towards them for that reason though the consistency and wear varies a lot from shade to shade. So I’d go to OPI for stable colours and Essie just for the fun ones.
  • COLOUR CLUB | I’ve only had a few Colour Club polishes but thus I’ve been very impressed by the colour selection, wide array of finishes and the affordable price. An all around winner for me if only they were easier to get a hold of.
  • NAILS INC. | I was very excited about these when they first came out in Sephora about 2 years ago and couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. The formulation was smooth and they did dry quite fast. This is certainly a posh kind of polish brand.
  • MAYBELLINE | It was hard to resist the boom that came with the release of the Color Icon formulation. With the new packaging, limited edition releases, bold new colours and a very affordable price, they had a lot of things done right. However the wear time is poor, the cream shades tend apply very streaky and overall these are only good if you’re wearing them for a night out.
  • ETUDE HOUSE | Nice polishes with good consistency and quite easy to work with, the regular range does have a pretty selection of colours ranging from mattes to shimmers and I love that they come in small bottles so your not using a single shade forever.
  • SALLY HANSEN | Fun, cheap and very long wearing, the Xtreme Wear series is one of my favourites. The colour selection is bright and eye catching though lacking in the neutrals/nudes department. On the other hand, the Salon Manicure series was a let down, while the formulas were smooth and the brush easy to use, it just didn’t live up to the one bottle does all advertising. Otherwise, they are nice polishes.
  • WET ‘N WILD | I don’t have too many of these but the newer Megalast polishes are very likeable with beautiful saturation and dries smoothly without any troubles at all. A very beginner friendly polish range.
  • L’OREAL | L’Oreal seemed to have revamped their nail polish range with the Colour Riche line and I’m loving the spectrum which ranges from sophisticated nudes to beautiful couture inspired colours, everything is carefully edited. I haven’t used mine for very long but from the first few swatches, saturation is good and the polishes have just the right consistency.
  • CHINA GLAZE | I have similar feelings about this as Colour Club. Fabulous selection of basic and limited edition colours, full of exciting finishes, sparkles, glitters and everything your heart can dream of. Some shades are easier to work with than others and wear time is quite average but the vast shade selection and great price more than makes up for that.
  • NICOLE by OPI | Great concept but ended up being terrible for me, the formulation wasn’t consistent and most of ones I’ve owned have been a streaky mess. The advertised “new brush” really didn’t make the situation any better, sadly this one isn’t for me. 
  • RIMMEL | If Rimmel put out more colours or even seasonal releases this would line would be my favourite drugstore polish. Many of them are one coat wonders, the darker shades are just stunning! The formula is on the thinner side of creamy but spreads so easily, this line is really fool proof. I love the brush, the bottle design and the wear time is very good for me as well.

I think nail polish is such an easy and fun way to dress up and I always feel like a lady when I put on my nails. I’m looking forward to stream lining some duplicate colours and even jumping into some high end brands (been lusting over some Dior shades). 

Any of your favourite colours show up in my collection?
What shades do I need to try?

4 thoughts on “Beauty Guide | My Nail Polish Collection, Storage & Brand Reviews

  1. noire says:

    Amazing collection dear! I have a few of the SH xtreme wear *wink and they're seriously great. My absolute favourite are Mint Sorbet and Lacey Lilac, but I also love Flirt : )


  2. viewrama says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    I really like the Rimmel line, I only have the black shade and the base, top and strengthener one though, but the brushes that they have are amazing. Also the black polish just works so well, I have a far few of black polish and most of them either streak quickly or chip.


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