Beauty Guide | Where to buy Asian beauty products online

So many of your have been asking about where to get a hold of Asian beauty products if you live overseas. Whether you’re looking to get familiar with the Asian beauty market and browse around or looking for a specific item to add to your collection, here are some my favourite places to shop.

Adam Beauty
     | |

  • Best for: Popular Japanese products at lower pricing, mostly drugstore.
  • Take note of: Very (small) basic collection, slow on limited edition/new items.

     | |

  • Best for: Wide selection of Japanese, Taiwanese brands at great prices. Some Korean/Western brands as well, especially Asia exclusive releases. Look out for free shipping times with a low minimum.
  • Take note of: Good deals sell out very fast! Some items are hard to keep in stock.

     | |

  • Best for: Dedicated solely to Japanese beauty products, ranging from drugstore, niche brands to department store/hard to find items. Very well stocked, always updated with newest selection.
  • Take note of: Prices in Yen and conversion rate it poor so you are going to pay a lot more for an item. Shipping is included with each item price but that means there is no shipping discount. Overall pricing is expensive.

 eBay eBay eBay
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This is where I purchase the majority of my Korean items and sometimes Japanese products as well (if I’m not on SaSa). It’s great for Asian items because you can get them directly from the country (Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc) and not have to pay the extra markup when sold at small beauty shops locally. Many Korean items I try are very affordable, even with shipping added they often end up as drugstore priced.

  • Take note of: Look for sellers with extensive feedback (a 4-5K is a good starting point) at 98% positive or higher, that is my personal standard. Read through recent feedback history, especially the bad ones to see what was the problem, slower shipping due to customs is not a big deal compared to getting a fake/bad product. Always confirm final shipping price and shipping discount for multiple item purchases.
  • Sellers I’m loving lately: AlphabeautyUK, f2plus1, CosmeticLove. 
And there you have it, my secret it out! I hope this helped point you in the right direction, with a few transactions you’ll be a real pro. There’s a whole new exciting beauty world out there, go out and explore it.
Happy Shopping!

25 thoughts on “Beauty Guide | Where to buy Asian beauty products online

  1. Sande says:

    I buy all Korean beauty products in this website has the best prices that i have found and the international shipping prices are a lot smaller then in other websites 🙂


  2. Ana Teresa Amaro says:

    My only asian beauty purchase was Skin79 Super BB cream and I bought it from ebay. It worked great!The thing is because we don't know much about the products that exist there it's difficult to know if they're ok or not. I mean… I don't know anyone that uses asian beauty products, besides you and one or two other gurus 😉 Maybe by searching these other websites it will help me.Thank you!


  3. shirley* says:

    good recommendations! I haven't shopped at SASA for almost a year now since I got taxed for like 60 bucks on my last package (yep – by the notorious canadian customs). But you should definitely check out BonjourHK too, there are 2 major chain stores in HK, one of them is SASA and the other one is Bonjour, sometimes one of them has a better deal than the other, and selection are a bit different too.I've read about Koreadepart from the comment section of some YouTuber's video, they have quite a selection on Korean Cosmetics and they look legit so I placed an order on some BB creams so I'll let you know if I have a good experience from them! (oh BB creams <3)I have yet to try Adam Beauty but it's definitely on my list with all the recommendations I see…


  4. Veronica says:

    How much do you get charged for Canadian duties?? So far I've only purchased Korean products through a store based in Montreal but am dying to try things from international sites too. Is there an average amount you get charged/can you predict what the customs charges will be upon delivery? One of my housemates recently ordered some clothing fromt the UK and got charged over 100 dollars at the door upon delivery, and I am very wary of this possibility when it comes to international shipping/odering!


  5. PBunnieP says:

    I'm thinking you might be allergic/reactive to certain chemical sunscreen ingredients… have you tried looking for sun protection with physical sunblock like Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxde only? Those tend to be much more friendly to sensitive or reactive skin.


  6. PBunnieP says:

    I usually keep my package orders around 50 and it seems to be alright but of course there isn't any magical number. I've only been charged customs fees once in my life and it was for a measly little package of $34 which didn't make any sense either, since they don't even charge you for that if you drive across the border to shop. It's a mystery and a gamble every time I suppose but 50 has always been my safe number even when ordering internationally.


  7. Anon says:

    Hi PBBunnieP,A quick thanks for posting some of your favourite sellers on Ebay (I really love using Ebay). I am on f2plus1 and I'm wondering if you could recommend some of the higher end brands that you enjoy using. Thanks!


  8. PBunnieP says:

    It's really a toss up, I usually keep my orders under $50 and it goes through fine (even for orders from Asia). However I have also ordered small packages from American sites and still paid duties which is strange… so unfortunately I don't have a straight answer for you.


  9. PBunnieP says:

    Oh gosh, there's a lot of things in that shop…they carry Mizon at a really great price (I love the Snail Repair BB in particular, Etude House also has a lot of fun products worth checking out as well.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi PBunnieP,I'm really interested in trying some Korean products and have looked online at ebay. I just want to know what your experiences about buying on ebay were. Did you have to pay currency conversion fees (to Paypal)? Did you pay any other additional fees other than the shipping/price of the item?Thank you for your time


  11. PBunnieP says:

    I shop a lot on eBay so I can say for the most part, I'm pretty comfortable using their system and for me it's nice to have so many sellers/shops congregated in one place versus having to search up various website separately. When going through Paypal, there is not charge for conversion fees and you should be charged in your local currency (via the converted price). If you are ordering internationally, your local customs agency have the right to hold your package for checks or charge you a customs taxes but that's rarely happened to me personally. I've believe customs taxes are based charged based on your declared order value though exactly what is the “tipping” point for charges remains unclear but I do try to keep my order small (under $50CAD) each time just in case. Hope this helps a little!


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