Overview | Dollywink & Candydoll makeup roundup

Here’s a look at all the Tsubasa Masuwaka produced products from the ever popular Candydoll and Dollywink line that I own at the moment. The sweet girly packaging is quite addictive! I’ve already posted individual reviews on each product but here’s a tight overview if you’re looking for a group summary.


For the most complete range of Dollywink and Candydoll products for international shipping, Ichibankao (online) will be your best choice as they are very well stocked. If you are looking for a good price, then Sasa (online) has a small collection offered at good discounts but they aren’t always in stock. Lastly when looking to buy Asian cosmetics, there is always eBay which will offer a middle ground pricing/availability of the two previous sites but sellers are abundant.


Overall I do think there are some standout products from both ranges. Despite a few disappointments, which to be honest probably exists in all makeup lines, I’m quite happy with what they have to offer overall. Looking beyond the cute packaging, you may be surprised at the attention to detail to some of these such as the blush and false lashes. It seems that the range is slowly expanding with new products added every year, Tsubasa is taking her time developing each product which is something I appreciate and the range as a whole has grown quite a cult following in Asia.

Do you own any Candydoll or Dollywink products?
What do you think about model endorsed/created makeup?


    7 thoughts on “Overview | Dollywink & Candydoll makeup roundup

    1. Christine says:

      Been wanting to get the dolly wink liquid liner for a while. Will definitely get it in my next sasa order. Have you tried any other good liquid liners? Japanese or otherwise? I'm pretty curious about the Kiss Me Heroine – Make Smooth liquid liner it sounds like it delivers a clean precise line on a sharp tip.


    2. PBunnieP says:

      I've been eyeing the mascara for a while but my lashes are so picky (needs waterproof to hold a curl, needs good volume etc) that I haven't been brave enough to try it yet…I hate to be disappointed by mascaras because I'm always so hopeful, lol.


    3. PBunnieP says:

      If you do, go with Sasa (and do it during free international shipping!) because the have the best price. I also had the liner on my wishlist for ages but was never quite sure if it was worthwhile but now I'm quite impressed. I haven't tried many other Japanese eyeliners yet but this is a good start.


    4. PBunnieP says:

      I haven't tried any other ones yet, they tend to be more expensive than drugstore ones I can buy here and I'm usually using my Revlon Colourstay liquid because I like a thicker wing at the ends. I do have a couple of them on my wishlist though. The Kiss one is a really popular along with the 24hr lasting liner by K-Palette.


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