Beauty Talk | Constructing images: "Beauty" is a lie & I’m okay with it

Beauty images have always been a complex culture of it’s own, with our ever growing abilities to enhance what we see in ways more sophisticated than before, how do we cope with this influx of surrealistic ideals?

…TWO MODELS…one perspective

COCO ROCHA interview
Cleaning up my stash of beauty magazines, I happened upon this brief interview with Canadian model Coco Rocha. These few paragraphs offer some interesting insights into how she sees herself amidst a profession that relies so much on smoke and mirrors.
Model Cameron Russell at TEDxTalks with her speech aptly named Image is Powerful, a short ten minutes through which she reveals so much about the delicate balance between beauty constructs and her own living, breathing reality.
Have you been caught up in the uproar about the beauty media?
How do you see yourself in this interaction?

2 thoughts on “Beauty Talk | Constructing images: "Beauty" is a lie & I’m okay with it

  1. Colleen Huynh says:

    Awesome of you for making this vlog! It was well spoken and I couldn't believe that you didn't need a paper to refer to all of the important points! I agree with many of your thoughts and hope that many more people will speak out on this issue. Beauty media as you said creates this illusion of what the ideal beauty should be. It is more of a fantasy than a reality. In fact models represent only 2-5% of the population!


  2. Suki says:

    I watched the video and commented on YouTube, but I wanted to say once more that it was great of you to address this topic and do it in such a classy and informative manner. Kudos and please keep up with the Beauty Talk videos!


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