Beauty Box 5 | Openbox & First Impressions

Beauty Box 5_01
Let me introduce you to a new beauty box that’s come into my possession, Beauty Box 5* is based out of Austin Texas, currently servicing Canada and the USA with a curated selection of monthly beauty products. With the wide selection of such services around the market, choosing the right subscription service is just like browsing the shelves for a new magazine, there’s a bit of something for everyone out there but you have to hunt down what contents suit your life.


Beauty Box 5_02
Beauty Box 5_04
Overall I think Beauty Box 5 has much growth potential and while they are not yet as established as the bigger shinier boxes out there, they are off to a solid start with their affordable pricing and the broad selection of partner brands. The minimal packaging also appealed to me because while I can reuse the containers of my beauty boxes there does come a time where I have no more space for the extra cardboard so using chiffon bags right inside the shipping box is a brilliant choice.
Beauty Box 5
Monthly: $12 /month
Quarterly: $30
Yearly: $100
*Gift subscription available too*
Beauty Box 5_03

4 thoughts on “Beauty Box 5 | Openbox & First Impressions

  1. PBunnieP says:

    As much as I stand for personal opinion, as owner of this blog I think I need to clarify this.I can not afford to try all the things in the beauty market, I just don't have the resources to do so. I value transparency and therefore I keep no secret about which items are press samples, in turn I hope that my viewers will have enough trust in me and value my opinions on products. While I am grateful for receiving samples, I do not see that as justification to rave about a product or company and I make that distinction clear to all PR who has ever contacted me. If “free things” is your measure for truthfulness then gifts from family and friends will have to be grouped into “biased” reviews as well wouldn't it. And that would be quite unfair. I choose to reveal a lot about my blog connections and given the nature of my beauty blog, press sample will always pop up once in a while but because I am offering truthfulness on my side I hope that my viewers will value my judgement.


  2. Janice says:

    Thumbs up to your answer! I never find sponsored or unsponsored reviews annoying since you open me up to so many new brands and products I never knew about! I receive all your information, do my own research, and then filter out which products I like and really want to try. No one is forcing me to purchase them! Props to you, PBunnieP!!


  3. noire says:

    I wish such services where available worldwide, I feel like I'm missing out on so much : /Regarding the contents of the box, wow! Great variety of products and “new” brands ^^As far as the first comment, well, you're going to run out of people to watch on youtube and blogs to read with that narrow-minded train of thought. Pbunniep is among the very, very few beauty enthusiasts that doesn't “whore” (excuse my language) out to get free stuff. She's a perfectionist, she researches products and ingredients and always offer the most comprehensive reviews, and if she doesn't like or think a product is not worth your money, she will tell you. Her reviews have saved me a lot of money and have introduced me to a whole new world of products I, otherwise, would have never known about. There are several (more than this amazing beauty community deserves) youtubers that are constantly pushing products (sometimes you can clearly see they haven't even been used!), don't mention that they got the stuff for free, and make all their viewers believe they can afford all that while sitting around in their couch and not having a real job.Oh, and by the way, awesome reply Pbunniep, you said it girlfriend! haha xx


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