Review: KATE | Designing Eyebrow N

If my memory hasn’t failed me, I believe this is going to be my first ever solo post on a brow product and this is definitely a moment to take note of. Brows have always been and continue to be a makeup struggle for me, it was the very last aspect of face makeup that I tried because as someone who has naturally sparse brows, the concept of “filling in sparse areas” didn’t really apply here. It wasn’t quite sparse areas I had but rather a lack of hair altogether.

KATE Eyebrow palette-01
I had sheepishly tried a few drugstore brow products over the years from powders to pencils but found most to be either too chalky, too waxy or deposit too much colour. Enter the KATE Designing Eyebrow palette which is a Japanese drugstore (priced) product that has won numerous readers choice awards in Japanese beauty magazines. KATE promotes itself as an edgy, dark, mysterious yet sexy makeup line which boasts the slogan “No more rules“. Black is the color of choice and they carry a full fledged line of makeup products for your entire routine.

KATE Eyebrow palette-02

Brand: (Kanebo) KATE
Product: Designing Eyebrow N Palette | EX#04
Shade variation: EX#04, EX#05
Size: 3grams (2.5″x1.38″)
Price: $14-18USD
Availability: Imomoko (online), Ichibankao (online), eBay (here), Adam Beauty (online)
Would I repurchase: Absolutely YES!
Website: (English)

I first purchased this at the time that I lightened my hair so I went with shade EX#04. Each palette comes with a selection of three powders not only to mix for your brows but is also encouraged to be used as a nose shading powder/highlight. The flip top black case comes in at a tiny 6.5cm x 3.5cm which includes a mirror in the lid as well as a small but very function dual ended brush.

As you can see from my swatches (below), these shades come off very sheer and at first may seem rather disappointing but this is actually what I love about this powder. This is fabulous for those with sparse brow hairs because you are never going to end up looking powdery yet the colour is buildable to your desired depth. Putting a finger to them, the texture feels very dry but with a brush (either your own or even the one included) it spreads easily and blends smoothly over the skin/hairs. The colour choice for this is a great mix of yellowy brown unlike many other palettes that are too red. I tend to wear the two darker shades together, adjusted in ratio depending on my hair colour.

KATE Eyebrow palette-03
Another plus in my books is how long lasting this is on my brows, I can fix any missteps in my application with cotton swab without having to take out the makeup remover yet as long as I don’t fidget with them afterwards, they last the whole day for me without fading or traveling. In all this is just a very easy to use foolproof brow kit for those looking to shade their brows naturally. Since using this palette I’ve received many compliments and questions regarding my eyebrows so here’s my big secret revealed! On a side not, I’m looking forward to picking up the darker variation in EX#05 soon as my natural hair colour has mostly all grown out.

Have you used anything from KATE before?
What’s your favourite brow product?

KATE Brow powder FOTD
| KATE Designing Eyebrow in my brows |

6 thoughts on “Review: KATE | Designing Eyebrow N

  1. Anonymous says:

    The best for sure! I bought two of them from ichibankao and haven looked back since. Im glad you reviewed them on your blog for everyone to see… 🙂


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