Perfect tools for base makeup | Foundations & Powders

Having a perfectly polished base is the starting point of any complete makeup look but to get there is a combination of the right product, the right tools and the right touch. As a full fledged base product addict, I’m here to walk you through some of my favourite tools and brushes to go along with your liquid, cream and powder foundations.


  • SIGMA | F80* Flat top kabuki | reviewed | website
  • EVERYDAY MINERALS | Flat top brush | website
  • Damp foundation sponge
  • ROYAL & LANGNICKEL | Super foundation brush C142 | website
  • ECOTOOLS | Flat foundation brush
  • MAC | #130 Duo fiber brush | website
  • ROYAL & LANGNICKEL | Large synthetic dome kabuki | website
  • Velour makeup puff
  • ROYAL & LANGNICKEL | Domed powder brush C130 | website
  • WINSOR & NEWTON | Series 240 #03 brush | website

Sigma, Everyday Minerals and MAC brushes can be purchased via their respective websites linked above (you can find the MAC ones in their shops too).  Royal and Langnickel have also opened up an online shopping option that ships worldwide but you can also find them in select beauty shops. Ecotools items, sponges and puffs are easily found in your local drugstore. Winsor and Newton art brushes can be found in artist shops like Opus online or possible craft shops as well.

When it comes to matching up the perfect brush to your base, consider the texture of your foundation then look for brushes with the right fibers, size and density. I hope this post will serve as a starting point to finding your flawless combo.

Have a favourite base brush?
Don’t be shy, share it below!

2 thoughts on “Perfect tools for base makeup | Foundations & Powders

  1. Cat Cactus says:

    Speaking of sponges, have you tried a teardrop or gourd shaped sponge, like the beauty blender/sonia kashuk/etc types? I much prefer them over the traditional wedge-shaped sponges, especially for thick products like BB creams.


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