Beauty Empties: Ep. #2 | January

It’s time for another round of Beauty Empties, where I share with you what’s been gathering in my recyclables bag from products that I’ve been eager to repurchase to those that can just get out of my life. Haven’t been getting much sun here recently for filming but the show must go on!


  • Neutrogena | Makeup removing towelette
  • Lucido-L | Hair wax | “Round Ridge”
  • Benefit | Be Bright | Moisture prep toning lotion | reviewed
  • St. Ives | Apricot Scrub (Original)
    • Green Tea Cleanser
    • Green Tea Scrub
  • Crabtree & Evelyn | Rosewater hand therapy
  • Skin79 | White Reviving moisturizing cream | reviewed
  • Tony Moly | Floria Whitening capsule essence | reviewed
  • The Body Shop | Strawberry body butter

I tend to finish up products in a groupings it seems, sometimes it’s more skincare, while other times it’s a bunch of hair things or makeup. But as per usual I always have too many items open all at once (out of excitement), though I’m working on doing better on that. Gotta start using up my beauty stash this year!

6 thoughts on “Beauty Empties: Ep. #2 | January

  1. Cat Cactus says:

    I absolutely love the Skin79 White Reviving cream, and in fact I have the Solution en route to me now. I wrote a review of the cream on my blog, and everyone who I convinced to try it has been loving it ever since. By the way, what did you end up thinking of the Elishacoy Moist Up cream? I may review it next, but I have so many things to review, I can't decide which one! How do you decide?


  2. PBunnieP says:

    I think the Skin79 is such a good product for the money, a little sad I didn't get the serum/essence together but I'm sure I'm going to repurchase it at some point again so next time :)I've been too scared to make any drastic changes to my winter skincare routine, after trying to get all fancy with some Skin&Lab products I crawled my way back to my Hadalabo. However I have tried it a few times mixing it with some foundation and that felt really nice!


  3. Sande says:

    I loved St. Ives Apricot Scrub too but I can only get it online so I found the replacement for it -Freeman creamy apricot scrub. It also contains walnut shell powder and its really nice creamy consistence. The price is also pretty much the same.You were absolutely right about the body shop strawberry body butter.. it stinks with chemicals. I bought it some time ago and I actually threw it away. I'll better stick to my favorite cocoa butter 🙂


  4. Agnes Solick says:

    I love your videos ! This one is interesting 🙂 But I saw that you wrote that your skin is oily , I have oily skin too and I use matting cream by Ziaja it's polish brand but they have preatty good cosmetics 🙂 If you want, check them I'm preatty happy of their products so maybe you'll find something for you 🙂 Oh this is not a advertisement just a review 🙂


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