3 thoughts on “Best Makeup of 2012

  1. Sarah Karenina says:

    I really like this “best makeup” ! I discover new products (well, I follow your blog, maybe it's more accurate to say “rediscover” ; ). Will you do the same for skincare products ? ('cause I'm a junky one ._.)And of course, bonne annรฉe ! : D


  2. noire says:

    The blue sweater looks lovely on you ^^The wand of the Essence mascara reminds me of the Bad Gal from Benefit, huge!!! Didn't fit my eyes very well… I still have the one in plum but never use it, though : /I feel the same way about The Falsies from Maybelline, took me forever to get used to the wand and there are days when it's great and days when I want to toss it out. Great Lash is still my favourite, despite the formula being so wet, the small brush is perfect for my tiny eyes ^^


  3. Anonymous says:

    Can't find the mizon bb cream here in hk. I'm itching to buy the candy doll products (concealer and blush) but they're so expensive!


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