Haul-a-days : What I got, what I gave & Sale season madness

I’ve been just a little obsessed with watching these Christmas videos lately, it’s a way to extend the feel of the holiday season I suppose (which reminds me I have yet to take down the lights) and it seems like from your Facebook feedback that you all love these as well!

BOOKS THAT I GAVE (as mentioned)

  • Lauren Conrad Style | Lauren Conrad | here
  • Crafting with cat hair | Kaori Tsutaya | here
  • Macarons |Bérengère Abraham & Marie-José Jarry | here

 New Makeup -holiday

Winter Sweaters

Forever21 Camellia necklace

Forever21 Suede heels
A favourite find of this season : Forever21 faux suede bow heels 
Original : $33.80 / Sale : $8.50

I extremely happy to finally find some pretty sweaters at great prices because I’m loving the sweater and skirt look that I spotted in previous issues of ViVi. For many years I’ve received lots of clothing items as hand me downs, many of which wasn’t quite my style but I since it fit I added them to my closet without hesitation. In the past year I’ve been slowly weeding out the pieces that didn’t speak my taste and look forward to building a wardrobe that makes me feel happy.

3 thoughts on “Haul-a-days : What I got, what I gave & Sale season madness

  1. noire says:

    Aw the shoes are so pretty! I'm literally 'mint' green with envy LOL I've been looking for a carding in such colour for ages but haven't had any luck : /Loved watching the video… I gave some friends books for the holidays too *wink wink hahaha xx


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