2013 | Bloggy Resolutions & New Adventures Await!

A fresh new year always makes me a little anxious, it’s the perfect opportunity to start on things you’ve always wanted to do but yet too often we are left unsatisfied at December by how much we have actually accomplished. Sounds familiar?

2013 Blog Resolutions
This year I have decided to take the first few days to actually work on my 2013 resolutions one of which includes learning to blog better and for me getting organized is the first step to think about. During 2012, I had mainly relied on all kinds of “calendar” apps on my iPod touch to get me sorted out but have come to the realization that it just isn’t a proper blog organizer. (Which on that note, I really wished they made planners just for bloggers. How rad would that be?)

2013 Blog Resolutions

Twiddling through other people’s posts I’ve come across several suggestions of the “sticky note” method to organize blog posts which seemed like the perfect thing for the ever shifting blog schedule. After several days of searching and editing, I’ve finally put together a satisfying blog binder with large monthly pages (find it from Maia The Bee here) for my stickies and which I can also add project pages for other lists and resource materials that I will be collecting. I love the visual quality of this format which allows me to see exactly what’s coming up so I can work on it accordingly.
2013 Blog Resolutions

Some blog and personal goals…

  • Buy a DSLR camera for blogging and filming. The camcorder isn’t cutting it for me and I am itching to upgrade. This is top priority right now.
  • Get educated on the art of filming, lighting, macro photography and possibly even some html so I can do what I love to do but better. There are also so many finer details about running a beauty blog that I need to learn from others.
  • Loose the few extra pounds that just won’t go away, you may not see where they ended up but I haven’t been able to shake those extra 10 sneaky pounds for months! I’ve also realized I haven’t been so happy trying on clothes recently so it’s time to find something I love and get fit.
  • I want to pick up on crafting again, so I’m setting myself to do one craft project a month minimum therefore I can start wearing the things I wanted to make. Being able to plan them out in advance means I can buy any materials I need ahead of time.

This year I’m setting for myself more realistic goals, taking more manageable smaller steps so there’s always small achievements to celebrate rather than one big mountain which I will dread to approach at all. Remember that small daily actions add to big results at the end so let’s all start on our goals today!

13 thoughts on “2013 | Bloggy Resolutions & New Adventures Await!

  1. Michelle says:

    We have some similar goals here! But it's good to start the year with a fresh perspective.”Remember that small daily actions add to big results at the end so let's all start on our goals today!” Amen 🙂


  2. kaila mo says:

    i love the calendar idea a lot actually, i'm going to print that out and do that, thats a really great idea haha thanks!! and good luck with your resolutions, i haven't like sat down and made a list of resolutions, but if i were too, (which maybe i will now) would be to get fit, and another would be to craft more! once a month is a good, reasonable goal i think, it's very doable! love the blog girl!


  3. Crystal Gale says:

    Happy New Year! I love the idea of the sticky note. I will try that one. It was so hard for me to plan what to blog because I can't organize my thoughts haha. Good luck to us with our resolutions 🙂


  4. Elle Falconer says:

    I've been wanting a DSLR too for the longest time, but I got gifted a Sony Cybershot DSC-WX 150 and honestly the quality and functions are right up there with DSLR's. The video quality is amazing too, especially if you plan on vlogging it has the stabilizer built in. Plus it's under $300, so it' like perfect.


  5. noire says:

    Loved your goals! And you can sure count me in for support, especially for the pound loosing one, I need some encouragement too. Lately I don't enjoy clothes shopping as I used to : /Best of luck for 2013 my dear bunnie! Hope we can continue to get to know each other better and strengthen our friendship ♥ Big hug and kiss xx


  6. Ana Teresa Amaro says:

    Happy New Year! ^^I was wondering if you could do a video or a blog post about how you organize your diary/planner. You seem like a very organized person! Btw, loved your handwriting! It's beautiful :)Good luck! xx


  7. PBunnieP says:

    Hi Ana, I'm planning to start doing a “Blogger Tips” series talking about all the aspects of starting a blog and there's a section on organization that I'm going to cover. So more on that coming up :)Happy New Year to you also!


  8. PBunnieP says:

    I've been putting off the getting fit part for a long time, exercising really isn't all that exciting for me but I can't stand it anymore, I'm just feeling sluggish. But first, to go shop for workout clothes…threw them all out after highschool XDWe'll be get fit buddies!


  9. PBunnieP says:

    Just saw your latest creation Kaila and it looks gorgeous on you. I'm a big crafter at heart but as life goes there always seem to be other more “important” things to do. But this year I'm gonna put aside some time just for sewing and I can't wait to show everyone my monthly projects when they're done.


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