Review: Sigma | Flat Kabuki F80

Let’s talk makeup brushes today, I’m an avid user of them and while they are indispensable in my makeup routine I’m not one to get too fancy about them. There’s only a small handful that I can truly call my favourites, ones that have earned their place because of their shape and performance. A new member has recently joined this elite circle, the Sigma Flat Kabuki* so I thought I’d best introduce everyone.

Sigma F80 brush

Brand: Sigma Beauty
Product: Flat Top Kabuki (F80)
Size: 15.5cm (L), 3cm (brush diameter)
Material: Synthetic Sigmax hairs, wooden furrel
Price: $18 usd
Availability: Exclusively at Sigma online
Back when I first started makeup, MAC’s 187 Duo Fibre brush was all the rage and considered the it item for any makeup lover but those fibre rushes and I never quite hit it off. It wasn’t until I discovered kabuki brushes that I was really swept off my feet, they provided an airbrushed finish with minimal work and was unlike anything I’d used before.
Sigma F80 brush

Sigma’s F80 is a full sized long handled brush, with a dense set of synthetic fiber hairs cut in a short blunt shape and a sturdy weight in your hands. In design it’s very similar to the Everyday Minerals flat top brush (see it), which was my favourite prior to discovering this. The size of F80 is designed large enough to easily buff product onto larger areas of the face (cheeks, forehead) but also maneuvered easily around tricky spots like the sides of my nose and between my eyebrows.
Sigma F80 brush

Long bristles on buffing/kabuki brushes can sometimes make the head feel too flimsy when trying to apply your product (my problem with the duo fibers) but the shorter length on the Sigma made things easy, indeed I’ve never encountered a brush that had such high efficiency; low effort, big results every single time. It’s the main reason that this has become my most used foundation brush, you can of course also use this to apply powder foundation and give yourself a bit more coverage this way but I tend to pair mine with creams or liquids.
Beauty Tip: The big fluffy bristles can suck up a lot of product so if you are using a liquid foundation, I recommend dotting the product onto your face and then blending/buffing it in with the F80 using small circular motions. It will disperse the product evenly in a thin veil but provide a seamless look.
Sigma F80 brush

It’s probably important to also let you know that this brush has never shed a single hair in my presence in the months that I’ve owned it which surprises even myself. It’s always kept its shape well after washings and because of it’s sturdy synthetic fibers, it stills feels superbly soft every time I pull it out. For the Sigma F80, I think it’s the combination of quality and attention to detail that makes this brush so loveable. This has become my indispensable foundation sidekick and I would gladly repurchase it again.
Do you own any Sigma brushes?
What is your favourite foundation brush?

Sigma F80-01

5 thoughts on “Review: Sigma | Flat Kabuki F80

  1. Dawnelia says:

    I have the F80 and recently got the F50, I like this one because it is dense and easier to control. The F50 however uses less product and I'm still learning how to use it. Both brushes are great!


  2. Pearl Squirrel says:

    I bought a big brush set from sigma and also got me this brush, and I love it a lot! I use it both for liquid and powder products (but not at the same time though, I have a few kabukis that I switch between) and I love it for both, so I am considerring getting me another one 🙂 Nice review and great pictures!


  3. Sarah says:

    LOVE your youtube videos!!! Please make more! Have you try the Real Techniques expert face brush? Many have compare that with the Sigma F80. While I don't have the Sigma, I do have the Real Techniques one, and I must say, I really don't know what the hype is all about. Now I'm regretting spending the money on that, when I could have spent it on the infamous Sigma F80.I'd love to see a comparison review!


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