Beauty News | Benefit’s NEW Nude Palettes!

Beautysets - Benefit | World Famous Neturals release
*images via Sephora, created with Beauty Sets*

Well well… it’s about time that Benefit jumped into the game and I was thrilled to find out they are set to release 3 (permanent) neutral inspired eyeshadow kits. I’ve reined myself back from getting involved with the Nakeds from Urban Decay as I think it’s a little daunting with so many similar shades in one set. The price seems reasonable at $36 cad each and I love the concept of pairing their cream shadows along with the powders which will offer even more versatility without being too overwhelming. Unlike some of Benefits other beauty kits, the boxed packaging is minimal on this one which means no space is wasted in your makeup bag. As I haven’t gotten my hands on these yet, you can see beautiful swatches from Jessica over at Beautezine.

What do you guys think?
Do you prefer big palettes with lots of choices or smaller ones?

9 thoughts on “Beauty News | Benefit’s NEW Nude Palettes!

  1. PBunnieP says:

    Looks like they held out on putting these guys out when everybody else was, smart move I think so they can make better curated palettes as not to be exactly the same as every other “nude” kit out there. Sneaky ones they are!


  2. PBunnieP says:

    Do you have Sephora over there? I'm not sure if they are exclusive there but I've seen it on the Sephora website, might be a matter of time before they get stocked though. In Canada we usually get things much later than their USA release.


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