Life: The most precious paper on my bookshelf

… is a book passed on to me by my aunt almost 10 years ago. She came to visit us one time and left this book behind rather nonchalantly among a few other pieces of clothing and such. I was instantly enamored with the mystery and vibrancy of the images and thus began began my love affair with a city I’ve never met.

I Dream of NYC-01
I Dream of NYC-05
 I Dream of NYC-04
 I Dream of NYC-03

Most times this book sits in a little corner on the very bottom my bookshelf, a place easily missed by most people but a place that I will always know. We’ve developed a special bond over the years, I’ll pull it out once in a while and admire the vast greens of Central Park and the million lights of Manhattan island at night. While these images are more than two decades old, they reveal a city of wonder, of the solidarity of one in a place of thousands, making you feel so small but part of something so big. I’ve always longed to visit this place but at the same time been a little afraid that the realism of its existence might tarnish this secret intimacy that we built together.

I Dream of NYC-02

2 thoughts on “Life: The most precious paper on my bookshelf

  1. Anonymous says:

    It looks magical in pictures. In reality, it's a busy & congested place where millions live and work. If you plan to visit, please announce early. Would love to meet you for tea, or coffee, etc.


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