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Beautysets - Shop 'til I drop: holiday wishlist EYES

Bunnie’s Shopping Tips: Many people have a set “look” when it comes to their eye makeup, maybe it’s a certain types of colours you like to wear or the shape of your liner. The holiday times are perfect for picking up a few good palettes as it’s the time most companies are putting out limited editions kits so you’re getting the best value for your money. On the top of my list is The Balm’s Nude’tude palette, I have a few UD ones already so I skipped out on the Nakeds but I love the colour choices from The Balm. I also want to highlight two star eye products, the Anastasia brow duo highly raved about and the Makeup Forever waterproof creme can be used both as an eyeliner or an all over base!

6 thoughts on “Shop ’til I drop | Holiday Wishlist | EYES

  1. PBunnieP says:

    Me too, I saw it and then passed it off and now I'm regretting it a little. Of all the “nude” palettes, that one seemed to offer a bit more variety than most. I find super big palettes with too many colours to be quite intimidating.


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