Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide | 2012

Consider gifting something a little different this holiday season, I’m here with my Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide! The video is quite long so I will keep this short, I’m handing out books this year for everyone so here are my best picks for wrapping up in shiny little bows. You might be surprised what you may find here.

  • Kate Moss Style | Angela Buttolph | Here
  • Men’s Style: A thinking man’s guide to Style | Russell Smith | Here
  • What Shall I Wear Today | FiFi Lapin | Here
  • Ms. Dalloway | Virginia Woolf | Here
  • Story of the Stone | Cao Xue Qin | Here
  • Dinner: A Love Story | Jenny Rosenstrach | Here
  • Makeup: The Ultimate Guide | Rae Morris | Here
  • PONY’s Celebrity Makeup Book | PONY | Here
  • The Richest Kids in America | Mark Victor Hansen | Here
  • The Success Principles | Jack Canfield | Here
  • Think & Grow Rich | Napoleon Hill | Here

Of course this is just a small selection of some of the wonderful paper goods out there, chosen from my personal bookshelf. Most of the links I’ve included are from Amazon because I think they are just so convenient when purchasing books and their shipping is always superb. I think there is something nostalgic and valuable about building a good book collection and I’m always one to get excited to receive a book as a gift, especially the solid hardcover variety. I hope this post gave you a few ideas to fill the empty spots in your shopping list.

What are you excited to give out this holiday season?
Do you have favourite from my gift guide list?

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