Shop ’til I drop | Holiday Wishlist | FACE

The holidays are a season of gifting but why not gift a little something for yourself? For the next few days I will be posting my “Shop ’til I drop Holiday Wishlist”, the ultimate indulgence to reward yourself for a years job well done. It’s the one time of the year you’ll feel a little less guilty about making the splurge.

Beautysets - Holiday Wishlist 2012 Face

My Shopping Tips: Face products are one thing I’m absolutely willing to spend a substantial amount of money on because its the one area of products that you’re more likely to use on a day to day basis. A flawless base will not only make your whole look come together but starting with a small bit of luxury in the morning will put you in a good mood for the whole day. My personal favourite is Guerlain, they make some of the finest, most incredible powder products that I’ve ever tested and their Meterorites are a cult classic.

6 thoughts on “Shop ’til I drop | Holiday Wishlist | FACE

  1. noire says:

    The packaing for the Guerlain Meteorites is also so pretty, when making a splurge, I look for not only the best product I can afford but also the coolest packaging I can find. It's nice to have nice things to look at and use ^^ xx


  2. PBunnieP says:

    Above all things, those two brands makes me swoon every single time. Regardless of if I'm ever going to use the product or not, wouldn't it just be swell to have it sitting on a nice pretty vanity? (Not that I have a vanity for them either but heck, a girl can dream.)


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