Style Diary | Plaid menswear blazer

This plaid menswear blazer caught my eye last year from H&M but I’ve never had a good chance to wear it, it seemed a little out of place in my wardrobe although I loved the way it looked by itself. Here’s my take on a vintage inspired West Coast style with purple elements.

I’m trying to pickup doing styling videos again but that’s easier said than done. Vancouver isn’t known for being very adventurous when it comes to their fashion, we’re all sweat pants and jeans over here and I don’t mean the fashionable NYC kind, after all we’re a sporty kind of city at heart that’s pretending to be grown up and fancy. Now that’s not saying we don’t know how to put on a show but overall the feeling is very simplistic, understated and organic in way, never too flashy. There’s a strong focus on materials (leather, bamboo, hemp) but the colour palette is always quite neutral. Once in a while I can spot remnants of 70s hip lingering around but that’s slowly being over taken by the posh crowd.

What does your city dress like?
Would you be interested in more Style Diary videos?

One thought on “Style Diary | Plaid menswear blazer

  1. noire says:

    You looks so lovely in this outfit ^^ Love that hat! heheI really enjoyed the way you described fashion in your city… it's worse over here so I can totally relate LOLI'd love to see more of this kind of videos xx


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