Review: MIZON | Snail Repair BB Cream | Best foundie of 2012!

Sometimes taking risks brings you great and wonderful things, in this case I’ve found a BB cream that I am crowning the best foundation/base discovery of the year. If you’ve been hearing me drop hints about it here and there, well…here’s a full on photo heavy post all about the MIZON Multi-Function Snail Repair BB Cream.

Mizon bb cream_fotd2

Funny story, I knew nothing about the brand or this bb cream when I jumped in and clicked the “purchase” button on eBay. Even Google came out blank on this one save for a few Naver posts in Korean. Thank goodness this bb cream turned out to be awesome and so to express my thanks to the beauty gods for this good fortune, I’m here to pass on this gem to you!

Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream_01
Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream_04

Brand: Mizon
Product: (Multi-Function) Snail Repair BB Cream
Shade selection: 1 shade
Key features: SPF32/PA++, 45% snail extract
Size: 50ml
Price: $17-20 CAD (via eBay), 18000 WON (in Korea)
Availability: Mizon online (within Korea), eBay (international)
Would I repurchase: Absolutely!
Mizon’s Website:

As this doesn’t seem to be a very well known product internationally, there’s only a small handful of sellers that carry it through eBay for world wide shipping. I’ve yet to see it anywhere else.



Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream_03a

Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream_05

I must step in here and say that this bb cream has the best shade match for me that I have (possibly) ever encountered and is a very close match to my skin even without blending as you can see in my photos. It doesn’t have too much pigment so it’s not too yellow but enough so that I don’t turn out pink. I’d say it’s more of a light yellow beige on the colour chart. The SPF inside may not turn out the best in flash photography but honestly I can’t stand flash photos outside a studio setting to begin with.


Here’s a quick look at it worn by itself (no concealer/powder). I took my photos on a cloudy type of day (the sun couldn’t make up its mind) so my “after” shot turned out a little cooler in tone than it should be. In real life, the overall shade was very neutral.

Mizon bb cream_fotd

Another photo with a full faced makeup shot, which was a good 4-5 hours after initial application hence the oils have started to show but this bb cream does powder down very well meaning that it doesn’t cake up or get patchy so touching up is easy. Oh and yes I do have a reflector on me in this photo.

  • A true blend between a foundation and BB cream, covers and heals!
  • Thin, blendable consistency but in high coverage (medium – full) with a lovely glow and good adhesion.
  • Mineral oil free and SPF32, snail extract, Q10, arbutin, sodium hyaluronate
  • Heals the skin: knocks out redness, reduces spots/blemishes and increases skin elasticity when worn regularly.
  • Recommended for: Mild – dry climates, “semi-oily/normal/semi-dry/dry” skin types, those with blemishes, large pores or slightly mature skin.
Things to note: This isn’t sweat proof, water proof or bullet proof so it won’t last you through a hot steamy day (or night, ahem). It will wipe off once it gets wet or when your natural facial oils come through again. Minimize this by using a primer and setting this with a powder. When touching up, blot your face gently to avoid disturbing the base, mix a little moisturizer with this bb cream, reapply and powder again.

See what else Mizon has to offer on their website

Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream_02

Overall this is an excellent all around hard working product that truly doubles as both a cover up and a skincare and it works wonderfully as both. No longer do I have to choose between one or the other, my daily routine has gotten so much easier with this in my life. It might have to take a winter break because I’ve got a feeling it’s not quite rich enough for the windy Canadian winter but it’s definitely earned itself a permanent spot in my makeup box.
Have you tried anything “snail” before?
Let me know your thoughts!

52 thoughts on “Review: MIZON | Snail Repair BB Cream | Best foundie of 2012!

  1. Christine says:

    Thanks for the thorough review, I'm intrigued! I've been a pretty devoted Missha Signature user all this time but this sounds interesting. FYI this seems to be catching on–I've seen this Mizon bb cream pop up on Amazon more often nowadays (I put this item on my “wish list”. I've personally never had a bad experience with buying my Missha bb cream on Amazon so hope the same would be true here if I try this).


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