Review: L’Oreal Arginine Resist X3 Haircare

As you may remember from my hair care routine video, I’ve been on a bit of a hair tangent lately. Setting aside my faithful Joico K-Pak, I decided to try out a new line by L’Oreal Paris. The Arginine Resist line had me hooked from the very first look, maybe it was J.Lo swishing her hair around, maybe it was the sleek packaging (which by the way is nothing like the designs I’m usually attracted to either) or maybe it’s this new thing called “arginine” which sounded uber fancy. Whatever the reason, I found my self at the haircare aisle taking home 3 of the 5 products in the entire range.

L'Oreal Arginine Resist haircare_02
Brand: L’Oreal
Product: Arginine Resist X3
Range: Shampoo, conditioner, mask, treatment spray.
Size: Shampoo (385ml), conditioner (385ml), mask (300ml)
Price: $4-6 each (regular price), $2.99 when on sale!
Availability: Drugstore
Would I repurchase: Surprisingly, yes.

Let’s get one thing straight first, in all my years of dabbling in beauty products I’ve never had great luck with L’Oreal products, especially their haircare. Of the ones that I’ve used, they’ve all left me quite unimpressed. A few were mediocre and a others were just down right terrible. So although I was eager to test out this new arginine line, I couldn’t help but be a little apprehensive too.

I’m currently in the process of growing out my hair (again) and thought something like this, which is created for those seeking to prevent hair loss, might give me an extra boost. The star of this whole range is arginine which L’Oreal explains below.

               ” Arginine: A key ingredient essential for your hair.
                L’Oréal laboratories have harnessed the power of Arginine, 
                an amino acid that occurs naturally in the fibre and around 
                the hair follicle, to restructure fragile hair that has a tendency 
                to fall out.”

L'Oreal Arginine Resist haircare_04
First step, the shampoo. It starts out a milky pearly liquid and foams up decently to a medium lather with a mild fragrance. I prefer to use this with a shampoo massage brush for maximum clarifying impact and work together quite nicely. If you’re seeking that squeaky clean (Head and Shoulders) feeling then this may not impress you as its not a high foaming clarifying shampoo. The good side is that is leaves my hair smooth and detangled right after I rinse it out which is a rare instance for my long hair. Wash, rinse and repeat.

L'Oreal Arginine Resist haircare_05
Then I slather on the conditioner which is surprisingly lightweight for what I thought it would be. I can take this all the up close to my roots without leaving a greasy feeling which is again surprising because I can’t do this with most other products. As I’m rinsing out the conditioner, I notice that most of it has absorbed into my hair instead of running down the drain which is a good sign.

The final result is hair that’s nicely balanced! Having oily roots and dry ends, I usually have to choose one side and compensate for the other but it seems that the Arginine Resist line has found a nice medium between the two extremes. On a day to day basis this left me with hair that is smoother overall and easy to manage by just air drying even without any additional styling product.

L'Oreal Arginine Resist haircare_03
Once a week I’ll also treat myself to the hair mask by leaving it in my shampoo cleaned hair for about an hour. A quick tip, towel dry your hair before putting this on as it’s got quite a fluid consistency and may drip if mixed with wet hair. The mask is probably my favourite from the line because of how nourishing it is without the feeling of a silicone coating that most treatments tend to leave behind.

Altogether this was a wonderful surprise and it’s something I can see myself repurchasing in the future which is a first for me in terms of a L’oreal haircare product. It’s certainly not the most intensive and moisturizing line I’ve encountered but after more than a month of use it’s left my strands more managable and feeling more balanced from root to tip…and dare I say I think my ponytail has become a bit thicker as well. Try this if you’re looking for a daily nourishing and smoothing haircare line for dry-normal-slightly oily hair. Those with super dry, fried, dyed hair should probably stick to the Joico or Moroccan Oil. Oh and put down that Reinforcing leave-in spray from the line, it contains way too much alcohol to be good for your hair.

L'Oreal Arginine Resist haircare_06

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