LUSH Lustings: Fancy bits I want to try

As the winter season settles in (the never ending rain is proof on the westcoast) and everyone starts stocking up for winter hibernation, I’ve been watching loads of fall haul videos. Something that’s really caught my attention recently are LUSH products. Now Lush is nothing new here, we’ve had a shop for ages but it’s always been a bit overwhelming walking in there because there are products everywhere, plus the heavy fragrances knock me out after 10minutes. The wonderful thing about Lush though is there extensive and well designed website which shows every single item in their shops so I can make my list before heading into the madness. Here’s a peak at what items I’ve been lusting from LUSH!

LUSH lusts_01
I’m always on the lookout for styling products I can use on my hair, I love wearing it a little tousled and natural but I don’t want it to look haggard. “Shine So Bright” is a frizz tamer and hair treatment in one made of shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil which sounds like a great idea as my hair is starting to frizz a little at the ends as it’s growing longer. “Buche de Noel” is a limited edition facial cleanser what sounds equally messy as it is intriguing. On the bottom left, “Full of Grace” is a serum bar that’s reads like potent cocktail, with ingredients like portobello mushroom, rose infusion and murumuru butter. That dark green chunk in the corner is “Demon in the Dark“, an apple and peppermint infused bath soap that sounds fabulous even for the name alone.
LUSH lusts_02
Keeping up with the soap things, the lemony yellow chunk is actually their “Pineapple Grunt” shower bar which is made of fresh pineapple bits and coconut oil though some on the website say it’s not quite so authentic once wet. The milky honeycomb bar is “Mange too”, a most silly name for a product but it’s actually a melting moisturizer with coco, shea and mango butter(s) plus a dash of white chocolate and honey. Did I mention you are allowed to lick it too? And if there’s one thing that I just think is fabulous from Lush, it has to be their solid shampoo bars. They don’t lather as much as my liquid shampoos but they are great fun to use and have some fabulous ingredients. The blue round is “Seanik” containing sea salt, seaweed and Irish moss. The yellow is “Godiva” containing nut oils and is supposed to have a heady jasmine fragrance.
LUSH lusts_03

Moving on in my Lush list are a few bobs from Lush’s colour collections. Yes, they have makeup too! The Emotional Brilliance line is a collection of products chosen for you based on your attraction to certain colours plus they are supposed to reveal something about your inner nature. The shades traits I’m matched with are “Calm, Dynamic” and “Quietly motivated”. The last bit I want to share are probably going to be the first things I’ll pick up and they are the lip tints, I’m madly in love with swatches of the red one called “A million kisses” (the other one shown is “Latte”) which looks like the perfect casual red for wintertime.

Love LUSH?
Let me know what products I need to try!

7 thoughts on “LUSH Lustings: Fancy bits I want to try

  1. T says:

    i swear by lush! their full of grace serum is my favourite, really calms my skin. the ocean salt scrub is also very fabulous! i hope you'll have a great time shopping in store, their staff are always so friendly and you can ask for samples if you're unsure about a product.


  2. nicoolstar says:

    I looove the scent of Demon in the Dark. If you like the smell of spearmint Dirty also has a strong sweet mint scent with a slight cologne like end note which makes it smell quite clean…if that makes sense. I cannot be without either. Oh boy, I have such a soft spot for lip balms in tin tubs.


  3. Anonymous says:

    i love r&b i have very long hair and i dye it red so that hair cream is wonderful to moisturise i like to use it after i washed my hair specially at the ends and once its dry too but only the ends and smells beautiful bit dont use too much!! a little goes a long way. and i love eau roma water, just after i washed my face it leaves it so nice and my moisturises just glides beautifully. and im trying the solid hand butters and the face creams sooo good i love lush, i also love honey i washed the kids so good for my sensitive skin and i feel so clean after using it


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