Review: Etude Golden Ratio "Face Glam" highlighter | Pink

Highlighters are sneaky little things, who knew something seemingly so simple in function could be so hard to find? No doubt my favourite highlighter to date is the Benefit Highbeam (which came to me in a mini sample as part of a Benefit kit) but I really couldn’t justify the $35 CAD for a full sized bottle. Thus I’ve been patiently searching for a cheaper alternative for that supermodel glow and when Etude House came out with their Golden Ratio collection (all about contouring and shaping the face) I thought it looked pretty promising.

Etude House Golden Ratio highlight duo_03
Brand: Etude House
Product: Golden Ratio “Face Glam” Highlighting Duo #2
Colour Variation: 2 shades; yellow or pink
Details: Lightly fragranced and mineral-oil free
Size: 4g (cream), 40ml (liquid)
Price: $14-17 CAD (via eBay)
Availability: Etude website (Korea shipping), eBay, Amazon.
Would I repurchase: No
Etude’s Golden Ratio “Face Glam” highlighter is a cheeky and smart 2-in-1 product, featuring a cream highlighter on top (mirror in the lid) and if you twist open the top, a liquid highlighter of the same colour on the bottom. As you see in the advert below, the product comes in two shades; a pale golden yellow and a cool toned pink.

Etude House Golden Ratio_Press03

Opening up the lid you’ll find first the cream highlighter which looks a little intimidating when swatched but sheers out into small shimmer particles once blended into the skin. It’s really quite sheer and subtle. The instructional diagram suggests this for use on the eyelids and underneath the eye to bounce off light but I’d say skip the latter and use a powder highlighter for that instead. The consistency wasn’t as creamy as I had hoped and would likely be better suited for normal to oily skin rather than dry.

 Etude House Golden Ratio highlight duo_02

The liquid product in the bottle fared a little better with me. It came with a spatula applicator to dispense the right amount of product and can be used both as a highlighter on its own or mixed in with your foundation for a luminous finish all over. The liquid blended easily and sheered out quite a bit when fully settled on the skin, imparting a fine silvery pink shimmer. If you are using this solely as a highlighter I recommended blending this out a little on your hand before applying it to the face for a more precise placement (when I dotted this directly on my cheeks I had to blend this really far until it set in).

Etude House Golden Ratio highlight duo_01

Golden Ratio has many good points going for it, I loved the smart design concept and the fact that it was mineral oil free. It wore nicely through out the day without causing any greasiness and looked quite natural and subtle indoors and out. However the micro shimmer/sparkle just wasn’t what I wanted as I was looking for a bright “sheen” on the face rather than shimmer. Even as it is, I found Golden Ratio lacking in intensity and did not deliver those modelesque cheekbones.

Etude House Golden Ratio highlight duo_04

This would work well for those seeking a subtle shimmer highlight, its formula well suited for all skin types (except dry skin in the case of the cream) and is great value for your money. From swatches I have seen there doesn’t appear to be a huge colour difference between the two shades although I would skip the pink if you are medium to tan because the silver sparkle can be a bit unnatural. Overall this was quite average for me, not because it was a bad performing product but it’s simply not what I was seeking. 
You can browse the rest of Etude House’s adorable products via their website.
Have a highlighter to recommend? I’d love to hear about it!

Etude House Golden Ratio_Press02

11 thoughts on “Review: Etude Golden Ratio "Face Glam" highlighter | Pink

  1. Sara says:

    These look lovely. Im a huge benefit fan and have all the highlight/tint products but for the prices Im always on the hunt for cheaper dupes for when I need to replace them. Great post xx


  2. Anonymous says:

    Can I ask you something? How do you pronounce Etude House or how do you think it's pronounced? It seems like every person pronounces it differently. D:


  3. Pearl Squirrel says:

    I've had my eye on both of these for a while now, I love highlighters and I can never have too many!The nicest cream highlighter I've tried is the one from the body shop. It's the same pinkish cool color as this one, but the sheen is finer and less sparkly, so you might like it. It dries very fast and after water the biggest percentage of ingredients is aloe vera, which makes it even more awesome 🙂


  4. jazzy beaar says:

    The sheen is so nice! I love Benefit's high beam! I also got the mini one from the kit but it lasts forever! I don't think I'll splurge to buy the normal size though :X so expensive


  5. PBunnieP says:

    I actually have no idea. I keep trying to watch their commercials to see how it's pronounced but it seems to be a bit different in each ad. So far I THINK it's “Eh-tweed”?


  6. Anonymous says:

    This is by far the best highlighting product I've ever used. I am heads over heals in love with it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wishes to look stunning but also very natural, it is perfect for day and night time. I use it when I go darker on my eyes, or eyes and lips, or bronzing/blushing to not bring too much attention onto it. Otherwise I have only 1 other favourite product. It's Alverde's Anti-Aging Duo-Highlighter. This is a german brand, all it's products made with natural ingredients and a favourite of mine. In my country it is only available via DM Drugstores (also german). The container is cute and practical. On top is the cream one, inside the powder. Both have sparkles and are gorgeous! If you can get your hands on them, try 'em out. Also I they are long-wearing and a little goes a long way ;)( )


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