Review: Candydoll Blush | Strawberry Pink

I feel like I should start this post by sharing my love-hate relationship with blush. While I adore blush and have many in my arsenal but choosing colours can be daunting and you run the risk of looking more like a clown than a freshly ripe raspberry (I’ll take the latter, thank you very much). Today’s review item has been my most reached for blusher for the last 6 months and I think it’s just phenomenal.

Candydoll blush_01
Brand: Candydoll
Product: Powder blush in “Strawberry Pink”
Variation: 6 shades
Size: (can’t find on the packaging)
Price: $16 -20 CAD online
Availability: Ichibankao online (most complete selection), eBay, SaSa online.
Would I repurchase: YES! Yes! Yes!
With everyone swarming over the Candydoll/Dollywink products endorsed by Japanese model Tsubasa Masuwaka since they first appeared a few years ago, I’ve had my eye on this blush. The super girly side of me was immediately attracted to the bright hue of Strawberry Pink and decided I needed this in my life without stopping to consider how this would work with my skin tone. To my surprise this shade quickly became a makeup bag favourite and hasn’t left my side since.

Candydoll blush_02
(This is when I need a DSLR, the swatch is more vibrant/slightly neon in real life.)

The design of the blush is simple yet sweet and makes a great fit into a small purse if you intend to take if for travel. The plastic container is sturdier than it looks and has survived much abuse in my makeup bag. The colour is a crisp lavender based pink with a neon tinge and applies with a slight sheen on the skin that gives my face a healthy pink glow which I love. It contains silver micro shimmer but doesn’t reflect white on the skin, making it a versatile shade for many skin tones.

Candydoll-MAC-NARS compare
(This is an old photo, white balance isn’t perfect but will hopefully give you an idea. In real life it’s )

Highly pigmented, I find this to be less powdery than even my MAC blushers putting this head to head with NARS products (known for their superbly fine texture). The formulation feels quite sheer and has a translucent quality, allowing your natural skin to show through despite the bright colour.

Candydoll blush FOTD
| Strawberry Pink worn on it’s own. Really old photo, excuse the quality. |

FOTD Candydoll blush

| Strawberry Pink layered over a warmer blush |

And on the topic of versatility, this blush can take me through a variety of different situations. Not only do I reach for this in my day to day life, it’s also what I use on camera or filming for a bright, noticeable pop of colour as most shades tend to get washed out easily. I can even layer this over any blush I’m wearing for an extra bit of intensity on film. It’s incredibly buildable without leaving a trace of powdery residue on my skin. Ready for the icing on the cake? This blush is very long lasting as well so I can put it on in the morning and just forget about it.

I can not recommend this blush enough for anyone who has yet to give Candydoll blushers a go, make this shade your first item. It’s reasonably priced in Japan but a bit more expensive over seas however look out for free shipping from websites like SaSa to save a few dollars when purchasing online. It’s a must have in my makeup bag.

Candydoll blush_03

8 thoughts on “Review: Candydoll Blush | Strawberry Pink

  1. Teri says:

    I'm not too familiar with the brand, so I'm so happy to read that they also make great blushes :). Thanks a lot for comparing it to other shades, it makes things a lot easier! I love the shade on you, especially layedered on a warmer colour :).


  2. Sara says:

    I've always wanted to try a candydoll product. Any, really. The orange blush is definitely attractive. The pink looks really nice on you a nice natural, flushed look 🙂


  3. Kim says:

    I was thinking about buying a Candydoll Blush or another Nars and I think I'll go with the Candydoll but I might look for another shade since this one isn't my Color.Thanks for the Review ^_^


  4. Kumiko Mae says:

    thats a very lovely pink blush, agreed! i find it weird how when i experiment w blush, it's not as fool-proof as experimenting w lipstick. w lipstick, even if you wear an odd color, its fine as long as you carry yourself well. with blush. uhm. it's weird!


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